I hope this finds you doing wonderfully this holiday weekend! I want to preface this message by telling you that this is not a business email, but much more personal, and I feel, more important than any business knowledge I could share with you.

Over the last 10 years I've seen an incredible change in how people do business in Nashville and the city continues to grow in every way. My husband and I have traveled quite a road together and while walking through an incredible trial of my own over the past 7+ years, I have had many of you ask from where does my strength to endure come from, or how do I live my faith so boldly and in a world that is growing intolerant toward my faith, this is an invite for you.

God has called all believers to share their faith every day, while at the same time we should be able to defend our faith and why we have a faith at all. Our focus is on the believer and the seeker who wants help in being a witness at work, in the community, as a company leader, employee, customer and citizen of God's Kingdom.

New Bible study information coming soon!