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Sell Your Value

Ask yourself. What is value?

Write down the answer.

Now ask yourself, what makes you valuable?

Write down the answer.

How do you build value? Don't know? Keep reading.

How you define this word can make or break you. Some of you may say, value is getting more than what you pay for. Others will say, it is what you add to the table other than the specific skills you were hired for. Different way of saying the same thing?

Here is the deal. When I started this company, I had no idea that we would be helping so many people and companies discover and communicate their value. This is all we do now, and I have learned quite a bit about value and what selling your value can do for you, your legacy, your family and your bank account. My own personal story and personal brand building journey over the past seven years has created more teaching moments than I could have ever imagined. Allow me to share a few ideas that I have learned along the way. One of the stars of Shark Tank has a few tips as well!

Say this out loud…I am always selling. Say it again. You must believe this. Selling your value each and every day.

You may be thinking at this point, I hate selling…well, so do I, but I do it daily and so do you. The way you get out of your car and walk toward the elevator at work is building or diminishing your value everything you do tells people about you. Your personal brand is being built, or your actions are killing your value with every step. If your colleagues, boss or community don't know your value, you are not living up to your full potential and missing more opportunities that you can imagine.

So, sell your value.

Step 1: Know that you have great value. Do you believe that? You need to know that. You were created for a purpose, and that is extraordinarily valuable.

Step 2: Know what your gifts are. You have a gift or gifts that NOBODY else has. Do you know what they are? Gifts are huge value builders.

Step 3: Understand the value of the first impression. Don't allow distractions to get in the way of people seeing, reading or hearing your value. One of the stars of Shark Tank, Robert Herjavec, talks about this on Good Morning America while promoting his new book. He says within the first minute and a half of seeing someone pitch he knows whether or not he will work with them.

He goes on to state, how you dress, how you stand, how you sit, the cadence of your voice all matter a great deal. What he is referring to is your personal brand. (Click this sentence to watch the interview).

Step 4: Build a valuable brand. You are a brand did you know that? A walking advertisement for your value. Robert goes on to say that it is better to sell your value than to ask for a raise. I agree wholeheartedly! When you are living and acting in a way that shows the world your value, opportunities come to you, raises happen, promotions become reality, relationships start and you find yourself more joyous. Authentically living out your purpose in life and selling your value are connected.

So many people miss this point in life and wonder why they aren't visible, promoted or appreciated. Do others around you, your brand community, know your value?

Let us help you to discover and promote your value. From your fashion to your personal and business brand, we can help you to sell your value. Do you know what others think about you? Do you listen to how others introduce you? Do you have a hard time selling your value? Do you wonder what to say? How do you network? Do you know what your personal brand is?

We are here to help. Life is too short to live in the shadows and not live up to your full potential. Personal Brand, image and fashion coaching for individuals and teams, and corporate brand training for employee groups is what we do best!

Your Personal Brand and Company Brand must be built and then be fortified. Let MODA help you to build your Personal, Corporate and Employee Brand. This is what we do. This is our passion.

We would love the opportunity to serve you and your company.

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