Wednesday, 10 September 2014
What You Can Learn from a Dirty Deck

We have been cleaning/fixing our deck for three weeks. This includes power washing, special cleaners and minor fixes here and there. No matter how much we scrubbed and cleaned the deck, washed or sanded the rough edges, the dirt and green goo eventually returned. This past weekend we went where nobody wants to go…underneath the deck. It was dark, full of bugs and other creepy things. When we came out, we looked like mud people...but alas, a week later and the deck looks awesome.

Personal and Professional Brand training is just like that deck. You can sand the top, clean the outside, even cover it up with perfume and cologne, but if you do not go under the skin, if you do not go into that dark, cold place where secrets hide and fears reside - you can't really fix or discern your real Personal and Professional Brand. You can buy new clothes, hang out with different people, even get a new car or a new job, but eventually, all that is below the surface will come out and the old things that made life harder and dirty to begin with, will return. Brand begins with understanding who you are at your core. Sometimes we must clean out the dirt and go through some trials before we can start a new chapter clean and fresh.

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Posted on 09/10/2014 12:41 PM by MODA Team
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