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Study Confirms Clothing Alters How you Interact with the World...

Does your outfit alter how you approach and interact with the world?
This study says it does, and I agree.


Hi Friends!

I have always said, if you look good you feel good, and if you feel good, you produce greater results.  In a recent study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, people were asked to wear doctor's lab coats in turn, they scored higher on attention-related tasks than those who did not wear the lab coats.

"If you wear a white coat that you believe belongs to a doctor, your ability to pay attention increases sharply. But if you wear the same white coat believing it belongs to a painter, you will show no such improvement."

"I love the idea of trying to figure out why, when we put on certain clothes, we might more readily take on a role and how that might affect our basic abilities," said Joshua I. Davis, an assistant professor of psychology at Barnard College and expert on embodied cognition who was not involved with the study.

It has long been known that "clothing affects how other people perceive us as well as how we think about ourselves," Dr. Galinsky said. Other experiments have shown that women who dress in a masculine fashion during a job interview are more likely to be hired, and a teaching assistant who wears formal clothes is perceived as more intelligent than one who dresses more casually.  Clothes invade the body and brain, putting the wearer into a different psychological state, he said.


I am often asked shouldn't WHO I am matter more than how I look?  My answer is always YES!  Other people should focus on your brilliance, your incredible personality, your education, compassion and obvious skills…but we are a visual society and if people do not SEE an image that matches all of your incredible traits, you could be passed over for a well-deserved promotion and so much more.  Your image should share with the world WHO YOU ARE on the inside.  That's what we do at MODA Image Consulting.  All great personal image consulting and Personal Branding truly begins on the inside.  It is that inner strength and magnificence that is reflected in the UNIQUE style we choose and the image we construct...This is what makes MODA different - we care more about 'you,' and how we can enhance your life!

This study has inspired us to put together a few items that we believe are important wardrobe essentials.  These items are the ones you wear often, are worth investing in and will help you to feel confident and empowered on a daily basis even when you aren't feeling confident.  INVESTING WISELY is the key to a wardrobe that helps you feel good.  Success begins in the closet each morning more than anything else, your wardrobe should help you to feel confident.

Fall is here and it is the perfect time to take a look at your wardrobe.  We would love to help you - all consultations are complimentary.  Please call or e-mail for more information!


Mila Grigg


Rebecca Minkoff 'ILY' Leather Tote  Lafayette 148 New York Jacket, Turtleneck & Skirt  kate spade new york cardigan, blouse & skirt  kate spade new york coat & accessories  Classiques Entier® Sweater & Skirt  St. John Collection Shift Dress & Jimmy Choo Pump  Black Halo Dress & Accessories  Halogen® Cardigan & Wit & Wisdom Denim Leggings  Longines Watch, Women's Diamond (1/3 ct. t.w.) Stainless Steel Bracelet L51550166Lauren Ralph Lauren Slimming Fit Bootcut Jeans

1. Statement Bag (Try a classic shape with a pop of color or a reptile print)
2. Statement Jacket (Leather accents are great for the season)
3. Statement Cardigan (Try a rich burgundy with a jeweled accent)
4. Pencil Skirt (Right above or below the knee is a safe choice)
5. Little Black Dress (Every girl should have at least one)
6. Sheath Dress (Dress it up with heels or down with boots)
7. A GREAT pair of jeans (Dark wash, no whiskers, straight boot cut is typically right on - watch where your pockets sit on your rear)
8. Watch (A watch says I'm responsible and respectful of other's time)
9. Classic pump (Nude is perfect!)
10. White button down shirt (There are options for all shapes and sizes; I promise!)

Next month we will tackle the Top Ten essentials for the men!

All images courtesy of Nordstrom.com


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Posted on 09/25/2012 12:00 AM by Mila Grigg, CEO
Wednesday, 5 September 2012
Nashville Arts Magazine and MODA Image Consulting

Hi Friends!

I am so honored to have worked with the amazing team at Nashville Arts Magazine this past month.  Image is a vital component to success in any industry...creative, financial, healthcare, law, trucking, publishing and so on.  Image is more than clothing, more than a tool for success - how you look is directly linked with how you FEEL.  When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you typically produce greater results...What we do here at MODA is so much more than fashion.  Our passion is to help you to create the life you want!

If you have been thinking about calling us, now is the time.  The fall season is the perfect time for an update!  Please don't hesitate to call in order to schedule a complimentary consultation - we are excited to serve you!



Candice Sone Image & Style


by Karen Parr-Moody


Interior designer Candice Sone realized that her black, white, and gray wardrobe wasn't reflecting her persona as an artist. It represented the more corporate, interior-design side of her at a time when her paintings were becoming a more substantial portion of her business.

"My art is very emotional, very colorful, and more abstract," she says of her work. "And I wanted my image to reflect that. It was like the sunshine inside of me was not on the outside of me."

Sone reached out to Mila Grigg of MODA Image Consulting. Grigg has spent the last ten years working in the world of brand image. Her focus is on making clients' wardrobes speak about who they are. "Your clothes are always talking, even when you're not," she explains.

Sone spoke to Grigg at the outset about her style, and she also let her see her most recent marketing materials and website. "It took us a while to define it," Sone said of her personal brand and style. But when the two women got to the crux of the matter, Sone said she reached an understanding. "Image is not about being someone you aren't. It's about determining your style."

Since working with Grigg, Sone has been selling more work and her pieces have tripled in value. She isn't sure if it is because of her wardrobe, but she knows that the new look has increased her confidence about who she is as an artist.

"I really found my identity and my voice as an artist," she says. In learning the true meaning of style, Grigg's clients find that something as simple as one's wardrobe can be a game changer.

ModaImageConsulting.com   candicesone.com

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Consultations are always complimentary!

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