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I have the privilege of sharing with individuals who are looking for work or considering a job change.  It is such a joy to serve others; especially in tough times. We all have been there at one time or another.  I would like to share a few words on what it means to know and define your Personal and Professional Brand,' and how that information is a light in a potentially dark place.  If any of you are looking for work or believe the markets are too tough to find a job; I hope the following comments help you.

What is so great about America and our free enterprise system is that it always provides hope!  With this in mind, please enjoy my thoughts on what we can do and how hope is reflected in the brand that we present to the world.


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Have you ever had one of those mornings where you just couldn't go back to sleep?  When I have those moments, I pray for answers and direction.  One of my prayers has always been about the message we send at MODA Image Consulting.  Our goal is to share hope....Hope is what you provide when someone knows they look their best, when they have done all they can do in order to secure a job or change a career. Part of doing all we can is making certain we represent ourselves well.  We should strive to get an A; to reflect excellence, show confidence, discipline and courtesy.

A Personal and Professional Brand' is an extension of hope believed.  When we look good, when we reflect the Brand of the company we want to work for or the career we are entering, and we provide additional HOPE for the employer.  We are showing them that we can help them succeed.  That type of success is the hope of the owner and every employee at the company that is looking for someone to fill a job.

These are still tough times and recovery is slow.  We believe that things will improve, and we should focus on getting out of bed each day and putting on hope.  We are responsible for doing our part and representing all of our BEST TRAITS so that the viewing world can see us for who we are and what we have to offer.  When we create a Personal and Professional Brand' that says, Hire me, my name is Hope.  I can help you reach your business goals while bringing added energy to the company that will inspire additional HOPE to everyone there'…Well, that is winning.

Everyone should be an "A" when they head out the door.  The world is looking for hope, and hope is reflected in an A,' not a C.  Mediocrity says there is NO HOPE.  A poor image is NO HOPE.  Where there is no HOPE, there is no success and no desire to achieve it.

Thank you for letting me share, and I HOPE we can help each other and those around us by sharing some hope today!  Below are a few suggestions for making a statement at work.   The key is to invest wisely when purchasing the basics.  Look for seasonless fabrics and classic styles for the basics.  Your personality can be shown through color, accessories and patterns with other items.  Ladies; invest in your bag and undergarments.  Gents; invest in your shoes and a great suit or blazer.

Ladies Must Haves:

  1. Sheath Dress
  2. Fitted Blazer: Watch where the blazer ends on the shoulder.
  3. Pencil Skirt
  4. Blouse
  5. Nude pumps: These can be as low as an inch and still be chic!
  6. Handbag that stands on its own


  L.K. Bennett 'Sybila' Pump
All Image above courtesty Neiman Marcus

Must Haves for Men:

  1. Incredible shoes: 1 Black, 1 Brown (A shoe that can take you from jeans to a suit is a smart buy!)
  2. Fitted shirts: Number one mistake men make.  Shirts that are too big around the middle or have extra fabric underneath the armpit.  I have said for years that Fit is King.  It rules the wardrobe and sets the tone for a powerful look.
  3. The sport coat of many colors: The perfect taupe can take you from grey to navy to brown and black.
  4. Slacks that fit.  Ask yourself WHY you choose slacks that have cuffs or pleats or straight leg.  Remember, your clothing is talking and sending messages.  Does your shirt have a pocket or a placket?  Why?  Button down verses a free standing collar? Why?  All of these details send different messages.


Joseph Abboud Sportcoat, Zanella Trousers & John W. Nordstrom® Dress Shirt Joseph Abboud 'Signature Silver' Plaid Wool Sportcoat (Online Only) HUGO 'Aeron/Hamen' Extra Trim Fit Suit

Magnanni 'Oslo' Penny Loafer Magnanni 'Sergio' Wingtip OxfordBruno Magli 'Raging' Slip-On
All images for men courtesy of Nordstrom

Light image courtesy of www.istockphoto.com.

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