Monday, 20 June 2011
The Importance of Branding Your Headshot

If you have ever heard me speak at a seminar, you already know I focus much of my effort on branding…personally and for your business.  One of the keys to success for any individual or company is having a clear definition of their unique brand and then communicating it effectively through all employees, website presence, social media outlets, marketing materials, publicity efforts and advertising.  Companies spend millions paying NASCR drivers to sponsor their brand these strategic relationships are meant to complement one another by elevating one another's brands and creating consumer loyalty to those same brands.  This same concept applies to small businesses and corporations establishing, understanding and communicating brand value is what builds a successful company.  Everything from your headshot on your Linkedin page, Facebook page and website will either build your brand or kill it on impact.  You can be the best at what you do, have the most outstanding product or service and be completely ignored because your headshot does not communicate your services and ability to the buying public.

If you own a company, are an entrepreneur or work at a large firm; your brand is as important as the most highly paid athlete.  Companies create consistent brands in order to establish trust many times, the first thing potential customers, investors or colleagues see is the brand of the employees, business owner or executive from a headshot…it is vital to ask yourself, does my headshot complement the brand of the corporation or small business I am a part of or own?

Before you've ever had a chance to tell someone about your product or service, they have probably seen your picture…it is a visual world.  Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and your own website will have your picture for the world to see if it does not communicate your brand and your value, you have already lost the sale, business or consumer loyalty.  A picture says a thousand words, right?  It should say, a picture can create immediate profit or loss…the beauty of knowing this is that you can control your image and people's perceptions.  Does your headshot COMPLEMENT the brand of your company, position or small business? 

One of my favorite client's is Kim Costner with Kmpact Design.  She is an incredible interior designer…Take a look at her site,  She recently launched this site and needed a headshot update.  She needed headshots for her site and numerous other marketing opportunities that she is a part of including seminars she is asked to conduct.  It was my job to put the pieces together. 

Take a look at this paragraph on her homepage. 

Kim Costner is a dynamically unique design artist with an unbridled passion for bringing life to design elements and blending them with personality traits. Her ability to comfortably combine multiple components of light, color, texture and tone into a symphony of personal expression will make your home sing.
Her brand is spelled out very clearly; dynamic, unique, artist followed by the word comfortably,' which for the sake of the headshot I will interpret as approachable and warm.  Her headshot needed to say all of those things.

I would love to help you match your personal brand to the brand of your company or small business and help you create the success you are looking for. 

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Posted on 06/20/2011 7:32 PM by Mila Grigg, President and Founder
Friday, 17 June 2011
You're a Person, Not a Mannequin!

"You're a person; not a mannequin to be dressed up in the latest trends. 
A "REAL" image consultant helps you determine who you are so that your style matches who you are rather than you trying to match the stylists view of who you are."

Since being an image consultant is not your run of the mill profession, it can come with many questions.  I'd love to answer some questions I receive regularly, but before we dive into those - I want to make sure we define the terms, Image and Fashion.  Being fashionable is not the same as creating an Image or identifying your Brand.  I know many people that believe wearing the fashionable and popular clothing lines is what matters many times, money is spent on items that are supposed to be fashionable,' but end up looking cheap, ill-fitting and do not help to identify the person whatsoever.  Fashion is only a part of creating a winning image and a personal and professional brand that accentuates who you are as a person and a professional.  Image is about body language, mental confidence, proper fashion and that special attitude that says, "I know and love who I am."  I don't think anyone would say that Oprah Winfrey was naturally gorgeous, but everyone would agree she has a brand and an image that say success!  Fashion played a part in creating that brand, along with a positive attitude, hard work and a clear understanding of what she wanted to accomplish with her life.  Those are the things that you must think about when creating your brand BEFORE you invest in your fashion' you must know where you are going and be certain about the image you want to portray.
Is Fashion and Image simply about shopping and getting the right clothes?

This is a great question.  I personally love to shop, but shopping is the last step in building a successful wardrobe and positive image.  Many stylists will tell you that you need to SHOP and SHOP and SHOP, but what you need to do is determine who you are, what you want, and how you want to communicate your message.  Only then can you begin to put together a cohesive image that YOU help to create rather than trust someone else to create one for you which may not be what you would like it to be.  I am blessed to work with so many wonderful people ranging from homemakers, amazing mothers, athletes, entertainers, large corporations, small business owners, top retailers and professionals in all fields. I can tell you from experience that there is no one size fits all answer for everyone as we are all different and unique.  
Do I need a stylist, wardrobe consultant or an Image Consultant?

There are great things about stylists and those that look at your wardrobe that I truly enjoy, but an Image Consultant does more than simply assess your style and plays a completely different role.  If you are having trouble with your personal passion for your life, you can be as styled up as you want and look like a movie star, but after the clothes wear off and the bills settle in, you will return to the same you.  A "REAL" image consultant helps you determine who you are so that your style matches who you are rather than you trying to match the stylists view of who you are.  You're a person; not a mannequin to be dressed up in the latest trends.  Self worth and an understanding of how amazing you are is the key - everyone has insecurity issues, and a good Image Consultant helps you to address your fashion areas that can help you deal with human insecurities.  When we know we look good, we reach out to the world, versus hide from it!

I am looking to jump start my Love Life, can an image consultant help?

While I am definitely not the love doctor, I can assure you that feeling great about yourself, presenting a winning image, and updating your wardrobe can be a spark that becomes a fire and will help you to enhance your opportunities of meeting the person of your dreams.  There is NO DRESS CODE that can create a love relationship. It might make a lust relationship, but we all know that the lust relationship is one destined to fail!  Love relationships are inviting and created by a sense of mystery and long term commitment this is much more than how you look!  You can shop and buy new clothes all over the world and still not turn a flicker into a roaring flame or a smile into a "Let's get together again!" 

Image can be an important component to reigniting the fire or finding the person of your dreams.  Your image represents the real you - it's not about looking sexy or handsome or about expensive cologne.  Image is about the total package.  My goal with each of my clients is to help bring added value to their romantic life!  In order to love someone else you have to love yourself.  I know many well dressed men and women who do not love themselves. As an image consultant we go beyond the surface.  We are not trying to cover you up, but rather help others see and discover the real you!  A love life starts off with ONE!!!  You love who you are and what you stand for and then we can take WHO YOU ARE and create an image that matches your internal beauty and demeanor with the new outer image that reflects all God has made you to be!

Unemployed and outdated, Can you help?

Today's job market is tough, and we live in a visual world.  So let's be honest…people start to form opinions about you before you say a word.  After we meet, talk and discuss WHO you are, only then can we match that to your clothes, image and career you are seeking.  Creative careers and technical careers have a certain look that says I am detailed, energetic, up to date and a trend setter.  While a financial job search may highlight a more traditional look, somewhat conservative but still current…this would not be a wardrobe that is bright with purples and rich reds in large amounts.  I have had the privilege of helping large companies and business owners create dress codes and proper fashion for work and casual days.  

As your image consultant, I can take what I have learned in business, from business and with business in order to help you match your career goals with the right image.  Regardless, please note you always want to look your best for any interview.  Success begins long before you have the chance to shake someone's hand or say a word.  Give yourself the best chance for success; say the right things with the image you present!

I know some great image consultants that are also incredible stylists and wardrobe consultants - I have yet to meet some great stylists that are also experienced image consultants.  Each profession has its role and purpose.  Please let me know if I can serve you or anyone you may know.  My success is based on one thing - Your satisfaction with the services that I provide.

Warmest Regards,

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Thursday, 9 June 2011
Special Edition Father's Day Newsletter!

Father's Day…Some would say this is one of the most overlooked holidays of the year and others believe that it is one of the oldest holidays on record as Moses wrote the God inspired words in Exodus when he penned, HONOR YOUR FATHER.  So with this in mind, allow me to share a few thoughts on this important day and a few ideas that will help make this Father's Day a day that excites Dad and celebrates all the Fathers everywhere.  

Some are single, some are married, some are close and some are far away, some travel and some work from home, but no matter where your Dad is, HE IS SO IMPORTANT.  In the best case scenario, the Dad is the leader of the home, the mentor for his children and the example for others to follow.  He is one important ingredient that every child needs and every home deserves.  Dad is always DAD, no matter where we are or what we need.  For me, Dad was an amazing Grandfather - for others, he is a stepdad, for some he has always been Dad, and for those whose Dad has gone astray, he is a hope for a reunion.  The great news is, no matter WHO you call dad, he is important!!! So let's make Father's Day a day of celebration for the Father in your life.

Here are some great Dad's day gifts!

  • Ray-Ban Semi Rimless Lightweight Aviator SunglassesSunglasses great for year round use!  Try aviators first they tend to complement many face shapes, never go out of style and always say chic.
  • Cologne if dad has been wearing the same cologne for years, it's time for a change.
  • Leather wallet each time he pulls it out of his pocket, he will think of you!
  • A great watch (Engrave the back for a personal touch)…this truly can be a gift that lasts a lifetime

    Ticket to his favorite sporting event FOR THE TWO OF YOU!

    Bocce ball or croquet set Unique and something you can do together in the backyard on a balmy summer evening.

    Wood Gallery Oversized Picture Frame, 18 x 18
    Buy a frame with a large mat around the picture area write a note on the mat itself and tell him how much you love him!  Frame a picture of the two of you when you were really little if possible.

  •  Nothing is better than the gift of time and a hug…spend the day with your dad if you can or plan a trip to visit him and give him the dates so he has something to look forward to.
  • Of course, there nothing better than the painted plaster that says I LOVE YOU and has two, three or maybe even four handprints caste in the plaster.  Dad's act tough but they love heartfelt gifts, so start with a card and tell Dad you love him and how important he is.

Another great gift for dad would be a gift certificate from MODA!  We can help you boost dad's look, improve his wardrobe and update his style!  Truly a gift that lasts a lifetime we have great gift certificates, gift bags and a special fashion gift just for dad when you purchase a gift certificate makes it easy!  Let's plan a special day for your dad or special man in your life together.  Call or email today for more information!

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