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Quality over quantity. What it says about you.

Don't forget quality over quantity…

Spring is such a breathtaking time of the year. Winter has finally let go and new life is springing up all around you. There is something in the air during the spring that makes me more active and gives me a particular jump in my step.  It is also one of my busiest times of the year with individuals as well as corporate clients who have made the decision to change or improve their personal, professional or corporate brand by cleaning out their closets or changing their company focus.

Now is the time for branding, or rebranding your life or your business. This begins by resurrecting some of your great traits you have let fade away while potentially throwing away some of the characteristics and looks that just do not complement your personal and professional brand.


There are a few material items in our lives that we change from season to season, but when it comes to one's personal and professional brand, there is a key word that must never change and always point back to our lives or our businesses. That word is QUALITY.

Whether shopping for furniture, clothing or cars, quality over quantity is a good rule of thumb. I love certain antique stores because I can find quality furniture that was built to last. It has been tested and withstood the test. A piece of quality furniture can always fulfill its purpose and never goes out of style.  Fad furniture will change every few years, but the quality pieces always have a home. The same can be said for some of the best made cars in the world as these cars can be a brilliant investment when they are maintained and cared for.

Fashion follows the same traits as furniture and cars. Fantastic, quality pieces are well worth the investment.  Everyone needs some investment grade clothing that is made to last as these pieces are always a staple in one's fashion closet. You can find some high quality pieces of clothing at select stores which specialize in superior fabrics, fashion and manufacturing.  Some stores carry clothing trends that are only meant to last a season, and we adjust our fashion from time to time with these types of items. When it comes to BRAND and quality, we should look for items that are made to last for many years, and purchase a few of these to form a foundation.

Personal and Professional Brand' is not for a season, it is an investment in a lifetime. Take some time, make some quality investments in your life, and build a brand that lasts and increases in value over time. I have a few tips below on how to buy quality pieces that can give your visual image the integrity that reflects your individual commitment to creating, communicating and customizing your Personal and Professional Brand.' 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services and keep visiting our website, as MODA Image and Brand Consulting is focused on helping individuals and companies be the best they can be. We are always sharing ideas that will improve the QUALITY of your life.

Warmest Regards,


Don't buy on impulse.

When you focus on buying quality and quality only, you're unlikely to buy something on impulse because it's on sale.  Quality garments are worn over and over again instead of sitting in the back of your closet.  You should LOVE each piece you purchase. Do you really need five pairs of black slacks that you purchased for $19.99? Or, would it be better to invest in two that last, fit perfectly and feel good on?

Choose each piece with thought and consideration.  They should speak for you and tell the watching world what to expect from you.

Spare buttons and thread

If your garment comes with spare buttons and spare thread, it is a signal that the manufacturer expects it to be around for longer than a season.  

Are the seams sewn properly?

Inspect the stitching of any garment and look for missed stitches, loose stitches, unraveling, snags and general imperfections.  Pull the garment apart at the seam to see how well it holds together. If the thread pulls apart slightly, it's not sewn properly.

Focus on Fit

Cheaper brands will save money on fabric making a garment fit improperly. Ensure the fit is perfect - length of pants should end almost to the floor, if they are too short, check to see if there is any extra fabric to extend length, stride length cannot be too long or too short and no pulling or tugging across upper thighs.

Quality Buttons and Button Holes

Are the buttons or fasteners sewn on securely? Examine all of the button holes for loose threads, sloppy stitching and other defects. Do the buttons appear to be well-made? Check the button holes if any of them are too small or difficult to get a button through, return the garment to the rack!


Weak thread only gets weaker over time.  Examine to see if any of the thread is sticking out anywhere or pulling loose.

Invest in these pieces:
Black slacks
Nude pump
Statement necklace


Men: (Include these as well)
Sport coat

We look forward to serving you!

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Posted on 04/28/2014 12:00 AM by Mila Grigg, CEO
Monday, 28 April 2014

Many of my clients and friends do not know this, but I cut my brand' teeth in three incredible business sectors.  The first was the sport of NASCAR over a dozen years ago, the second was the power of the NFL and the third was in world of music. NASCAR is the most branded sport in the world. Just about every single weekend you can find hundreds of automobiles racing on several tracks across America and each driver is either currently sponsored by a product or company, or in search of a corporate sponsor. The cost of a winning team is not cheap, as today's top teams utilize upwards of 20 and 30 million dollars a year to create a winner on the track and a winner in the marketplace. The more positive visibility of the racing team, the more positive visibility and recognition of the driver, the more profitable the sponsorship is for the corporate sponsors. NASCAR BRANDING is all about tying one's favorite driver to a favorite product or products.

The goal of the NASCAR branding machine is the same as the goal for the branding machine we find in Corporate Branding and in Personal and Professional Brand.  Corporate Brand and Personal and Professional Brand is based around taking a visual statement, combining it with a verbal representation and creating a positive reaction in the viewers. If you like Tony Stewart,  Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon, then you are most likely to buy the products that sponsor their cars. It seems like just a few seasons ago when Tony Stewart was sponsored by Home Depot and Jimmie Johnson was sponsored by Lowe's. Each company could track sales increases based upon the victories of either driver. Different companies, same industry, and sales could be aligned with NASCAR victories by their sponsored drivers. Even now, no one can forget the #3 Goodwrench sponsored car of Dale Earnhardt Sr.

One of the best ways to create a positive brand image is to tie your business or yourself to a known winner, or a winning personality. In the corporate world, those people are typically in sports and music, in the world of the Personal and Professional Brand, you are the star. People associate your personality,body language, verbal skills, humility and integrity to your own individual brand.

The key is to think of yourself each morning as the ultimate racing machine. How do you want people to associate your visual image with the driver of the machine itself?  If clothing is the decal of your body, and your heart and soul the engine that drives you, how do you think people will categorize you? Are you looking like a winner, does your visual image create inspiration and creativity, does your appearance at home, at work or at play lift others who are around you? These are great questions to ask yourself. If you look like every other car on the track, you tend to blend in with mediocrity.

Personal and Professional Brand is about so much more than style and fashion. Look around you, how many people are in a 'car' (clothing and image) that is like everyone else? That is the sad fact about a fad fashion - in order for it to be a fad; everyone else must wear it and want to dress in it - creating a look that is average. This is the opposite of your goal to be unique and stand out. I hope this NASCAR insight has helped you understand how you can improve your chance of winning in the race of life, and still make your BRAND standout and keep you headed towards the winners circle.

Contact me if I can help you or your business create, communicate or simply improve your Personal and Professional Brand or the Corporate Brand that separates you from your competitors.

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Posted on 04/28/2014 3:33 PM by Mila Grigg, CEO
Friday, 18 April 2014
Nashville Leadership Luncheon

The Nashville Leadership Luncheon, hosted by OneAccord & Blain Wease, was a great success. I was humbled to be in the company of so many CEO's and city leaders, and grateful for being invited to speak.

I was excited that the theme of the day ended up being integrity. This was unplanned, but a common theme with all speakers. We know integrity is the foundation of every successful Personal and Professional Brand. Integrity is the cornerstone of true success and longevity!

Pictured from L to R: Joe Scarlett, former CEO of Tractor Supply; Mila Grigg, CEO MODA Image and Brand Consulting; Clark Vitulli, CEO Chair Group at Vistage International; Jeff Cogen, CEO of Nashville Predators; Blain Wease, Regional Managing Principal, OneAccordRegg Swanson, President of Star Physical Therapy

Photo credit: Dwayne Myers Photography

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