Tuesday, 4 March 2014
EVERYONE has a Personal Brand...EVERYONE.

"But I Am"

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a Personal Brand. I provided and individual client one of our 'Personal Brand' questionnaires, and she gave it back to me and told me she did not need to complete it as she did not work in the business community.

She has a message that she sends, no matter what she does.  She replied that she was just a mom, and those words stung me as I desperately want men and women to understand that they are so much more than a position. You are more than your work and you are not defined by your position! 

I often hear the words, I am...just a mother, single mom, divorced, old, alone, unemployed, retired or even the worst term, I just feel ugly or unworthy.'  You see, a Personal Brand is not based on an occupation or income, it is not based on What you DO, but rather who you are and what you want to be recognized for. What are your unique gifts that differentiate you from all those around you?

We must understand that the most amazing dress, the ultimate designer outfit or the latest style cannot really have true meaning if the mind underneath the clothing is screaming, if it hurts, if it is filled with cynicism, anger, hatred, false pride, fear or indifference. Truly, anyone can hire a stylist to make you good on the outside, to cover up what is really happening on the inside. The problem is that when you get home and take off the covering, the inside is still there and the outside may not begin to communicate who you really are.  We want to help our individual clients rediscover themselves, the beauty of life and to turn trials, tribulations and disappointments into a new VISUAL STATEMENT that says, joy, opportunity, and hope. If you are already secure in your own skin, then I applaud you and we can work together to bring added value to your Image, to build on the solid foundation you have and make your Personal Brand stand out in order to be an encouragement to those around you who have not yet reached your level. I must be honest with you, I have found very few women who did not battle particular insecurities that their past or the world around them has planted deep within the depths of their hearts.

No one should start their description of themselves with the words, "But I Am"...but rather with "Here I am." There are times when all we need is some help with the right outfit, and you can get a personal shopper for that, or a stylist who can help with the latest trend. I never want for anyone, especially someone whom I serve to feel confident with COVERING UP. I want to go deeper, to help every client illuminate who they are, and paint a picture of who they are striving to become. We can all grow, no matter what are role or position is in life.

Your style, fashion, and image should magnify the amazing person who you were created to be. It all begins with the inside, and eventually, that same amazing spirit will show on the outside. When the inside is broken, perhaps dirty and muddy, or even bruised and beaten, well that too will eventually come to the surface. You see, we all have a Personal BRAND, and the questions, while they may seem tedious, are meant to help you understand that WHO YOU ARE is most important and worthy of putting together that PERFECT STYLE, FAMOUS FASHION and IMPECCABLE IMAGE. MODA helps you to do more than look good in an outfit; we want to help bring added value to your life.

Brand is the heart and soul of an individual. It is always changing, it either improves or it declines. Life is an adventure, and you can accomplish so much more than you think. The top of the chain is not the CEO, or the Ultimate Wife, or Mother. The top of the chain is a person who has lived a life that will be missed when they are gone. Personal Brand is all about creating a legacy. Life, Your Life, is too short to just cover it up with fashion and style that may or may not express to the watching world who you are and what you stand for.

Take time, search yourself, and if you need help, call on MODA for direction. Everyone can use a BRAND COACH!  Winning is when your inner beauty matches the outside beauty and the world around you is better because of it.

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Posted on 03/04/2014 12:21 PM by Mila Grigg, CEO
Monday, 3 March 2014
MODA: Does it really need to be the PAINFUL truth?

Have you ever met that person who always lets you know they are right? You may have heard them say, "Well, the truth hurts." If your comments match the TRUTH PERSON, or as I say TRUTH POLICE, I can promise you that a mentality like this is a big negative for your Personal and Professional Brand.' I often read about or talk with people who love to correct others based upon their own experience or intellect; when in reality, they are only using truth as a weapon. 

I love the truth, and the absence of truth means guaranteed failure in life, but there is a great way to be a "Truth Person." All truth without love is called brutality. Enlightening someone is meant to be a positive experience for the person that you share the truth with. Sharing truth in love is like opening a door to a room that is stuffy and uncomfortable. The truth that flows in is like fresh air, only making life better. Yes, truth can mean we have to make changes. 

The opposite of the truth person is the all love' person. You know the person that will flatter you or tell you a white lie because they would hate to hurt your feelings, or they are scared you would not like them after they shared the truth?  All love and no truth is hypocritical.  Hypocrisy is when we act one way but in reality we live another way.  A person can't change if they do not know they need to change, thus enabling the faker to remain a faker. So, what is the answer?

We should share all truth in love. People do not mind the truth when they know you are sharing it out of genuine concern for them. We are not blind to the truth, nor do we hide the truth - we simply share the truth with the goal of improving the life of the person you are sharing the truth with. This does not require a special education or a motivational guru.  We can all follow the golden rule. Love others (treat others) in the same way you would like them to love (treat) you. I do not mind you pointing out that I have fallen down, or that I may be getting ready to fall down. I just want to know that you will share the truth with me and catch me if I fall. If I have already fallen, I hope that you will be there to help me rise again. Make truth a part of your Personal and Professional Brand,' but make it the kind of truth that adds to life and does not tear it down.

Building your 'Personal and Professional Brand' requires consistency through all channels of communication.  Many times, how you speak is more important than what you say.

We look forward to serving you and/or your company.  Please contact us today for more information about our individual and corporate services.

Warmest Regards,
Mila Grigg

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Posted on 03/03/2014 4:01 PM by Mila Grigg, CEO
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