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March 2012 Newsletter - Is Seeing Believing?

March is the beginning of spring the beautiful flowers begin to bloom, and the bright green leaves make their entrance.  I am easily confused by all of the trees that have similar blooms and shapes. Trees such as the Dogwood and the Bradford Pears have the same look and gorgeous blooms. To me they look alike, but if I keep watching them for a few days after the blooms come out, I can see which is which.  The truth about the tree is discovered as the blooms fade away and the tree starts to produce its fruit…or like the dogwood, no fruit at all.

How many times have you watched a great commercial or have seen a well done advertisement and thought to yourself, "This is the company that I want to shop at, work for or give to?  Then upon visiting the store or talking with the people, you learned that all you saw was not at all what you could now believe.  The world of double talk and confused truth is getting harder and harder to differentiate.  Politicians make false promises, people claim to be one way but their life reflects something totally different and companies project one image when their employees project something else. 

In my line of work, I have the privilege of turning Fashion and Style into a statement that says the truth about the person who is adorned in clothing or styled according to the company dress code.  Fashion and style are the Personal Billboards of life.  Every single person is a walking sign which advertises three things:

  1. Who they really are
  2. What they really believe
  3. What they really want

You can watch a person long enough to tell what type of fruit their life will produce.  Fashion can only cover up the truth for so long; eventually, the real person will come through the clothes, and their image will either match their BRAND or their image will be false and the Brand will become clouded.  This is true in personal attire, corporate attire and dressing for special events.  I love helping people and companies turn their fashion into a consistent message as their personal brand, or helping companies and people see that their brand is not being properly reflected by their fashion and style.  Either way, I help people and companies create the best Branding Program for their success in life or business. How about you?  It is March and spring is around the corner. Ask yourself a few questions…

  1. Does your fashion reflect an OLD YOU?
  2. Is your corporate image archaic and incomplete?
  3. Does the most visible part of you reflect who you really are and what you or your company stands for?

Perhaps it is time for some spring cleaning, for a reevaluation of your overall image at home or at work. MODA is here to help people and companies turn what people see into something they trust and believe.  March is here, let's get together and ignite some romances at home, improve some careers at work and turn your Fashion and Style into an authentic message for you and your business.

We would love to help you to clean out your closet, create a wardrobe that says what you want it to say and encourage you to be the best you that YOU can be!  Today is the perfect time to book your spring consultation - it is complimentary and easy!


President and Founder

The Rules of Fashion?

When it comes to fashion, rules are meant to be broken.  If you meet a 'stylist' who tells you that there are set rules across the board for certain should RUN.  This is the same as meeting a hair stylist who can't tell you about the best cut for your bone structure...RUN. 

No ankle straps on shoes?
No cropped pants?
No stripes on clothing?
No bright colors to be worn with black?

Let's stop with the muss and fuss of rules - rules are like opinions and you know what they say about those.  Fashion is meant to be expressive, fun and something one uses to create a unique style and Personal Brand.  You are a walking billboard and your 'fashion' helps to communicate a message to others about who you are and what you believe.  There are very few rules I live by - when I give a corporate or even small business seminar, I will of course list a few general 'suggestions' as I can't consult with everyone personally in a group setting.  Not every 'suggestion' is meant to be followed by every single person.

So this spring, express yourself!  When in doubt, if you LOVE it, wear it!

We talk a lot about Personal Branding and Image...this month, we are taking a different approach and suggesting a few outfits for every type of 'date' you may encounter this spring...whether with your husband or on a blind date - look your best to feel your best!

Visit the Museum

Comfort don't want to look like you are trying too hard but you still want to stand out!  Use color to brighten up the day and to be noticed.

Wine Tasting Tour

Nothing is easier here than a casual cotton day dress.  Be bold with color and wear some wedges to give yourself a lift - we all know what a little height does for our bodies, right?  This dress is your 'shorts alternative.'

Botanical Garden

Perfect opportunity to show your femininity as you walk around all the beauty nature has to offer.  A pair of flat strappy sandals with some jewels are the perfect alternative to a boring leather shoe.  Remember, accessories like belts and beautiful earrings are not meant for night time only - use them all day long!

Comedy Club

A perfect chance to show you are not too serious, right?  Bold color blocking and a statement making necklace are perfect.  Why wear jeans when you can look even cuter in a colorful pant?  You don't want to get too dolled up and look like you are trying way too hard - so opt for a pant in a bright color!

Farmers Market

This is when you want to show that you can 'hang' and not be too high maintenance.  An easy, simple dress in a blue shade is the way to go.  A natural looking bag and wedges simply say I am comfortable in my own skin - I like to look great but I don't have to get all dolled up on a Saturday morning to feel great.

Dinner on the patio at your favorite restaurant...(If you're in Nashville, try the Bound'ry!)

This is your time to shine! Stand out from the crowd and wear some white.  It is bright - it says I'm confident, feminine and not afraid to take risks. 

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Posted on 03/26/2012 12:00 AM by Mila Grigg, CEO
Monday, 5 March 2012
Are you a gorilla or a man?

Ok men, this is a subject that every woman wants to discuss with you - but few will actually tread.  Why is it as men age they seem to care less about where the hair is growing as long as it is growing on their head?  I am here to tell you about a few areas that need your attention.  We women love our AMERICAN MADE MEN, but we do not want to be seen out with a Gorilla and I can assure you that your employer is not too excited about the image you leave someone when they look at your body as though it reflects a rain forest jungle from the Amazon.  Here are the trouble spots that THE BEAST inside of you must deal with.  Let's start with eye brows; do notice it is a plural word meaning that you are to have two of them.  Not one eyebrow that covers your entire forehead! Take some time to shape them and please please please trim them down so that loose hairs are not shooting left and right and reaching down to your eyelids.  If your eyebrows can shade the sun on a bright day or work as a visor on a rainy day, then you need to clean them up.  A good pair of tweezers, some grooming scissors and a comb can cure the problem. If you are not certain what to do, then get a beautician or a good hair stylist to get you started.

Next we move down to the nose and ears. What is the deal with the nose hair? Is there some macho sign that you are awarded if you have a bush of hair coming out of your nose.  It looks terrible and no one wants to focus in on the hairs on your lips and confuse them for a mustache.  You can always clean these up with nose trimmers or a pair of grooming scissors. If you can see hair peeking out from the nostrils OR YOUR EARS, then it has to go!

Here we go to one of my pet peeves, the jungle of hair that men seem to ignore that is blossoming from your chest and peaking through your shirts and sprouting out of your collar.  Let's shave that neck line below the neck and take a good hair trimmer and clean up the rest of the chest. I admit some people like a smooth chest and some like a chest with some hair, but no one likes so much hair that you could loose an earring or coins in it.  The best length is about 1/2 of an inch, so shave, trim and cut down the forest that is growing on your chest.  Of course the next area of discernment is the back: Some of you poor guys have more hair on your back then the biggest Silver Back at the zoo.  If you get out of a pool and you can weave a pattern on your back, then it is time to get that stuff cut away.  You can shave the back every 1 -3 weeks and keep the back clean and smooth and no one will confuse you when your shirt is off as the missing link of mankind.  Finally men, we all have our own issues when it comes to body hair and some of the more intimate areas are worthy of your care.  These same hair clippers and trimmers can clean up the most delicate of areas.

So let's keep it clean, short and in some cases shaved.  Your body is amazing, so do not hide it behind a jungle of intrigue and bushes.  The neat and clean look is the best look for you.  Take it from me, sexy is not a search party, but rather a clean cut look that says, I care about my appearance, I am focused on details and I want to make the best impression on you, the ones that look at me day in and day out. Good luck and I hope that my advice keeps you out of the dog house and better yet, out of the zoo.

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Posted on 03/05/2012 3:04 PM by Mila Grigg
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