Monday, 9 February 2015
Are you a doctor, healthcare practitioner or professional? This blog is for you|

Are you a doctor, healthcare practitioner or professional? This blog is for you…        

Doctors, dentists, skincare, plastic surgeons and anyone in the broad spectrum of healthcare…this is for you, your practice and your employees.

Brand drives everything, and if you don't know your brand…STOP and read this! Before you approve the marketing for one more item, you must know your brand.

We have worked medical professionals in numerous areas of medicine and have seen the pitfalls that hinder your practice and areas that you can improve. More often than not we are consulting a practice that is losing patients or one that tells us their potential patient base doesn't know they exist. After a bit of research and a visual brand and employee review, we note that they are sending an inconsistent message, which leads to limited visibility, confused marketing that makes them like every other practice and creates nothing that attracts new patients.

The consumer has hundreds if not thousands of choices. What encourages them to choose you and your practice? You've spent years earning your credentials and becoming an expert in your field. Extend who you are' by more than just one word; dentist, pediatrician…Tell your patient and potential patients who you are and what you stand for. Where do you begin?

Your Brand.

Your brand attracts, connects, brings referrals to you, tells the world who you are and is what creates confidence in you and your practice.

You and your practice currently have a brand…Do you know what yours is? Your branding determines the consumer's first impression and is crucial in determining the ultimate success of a practice. Everything you do to reach your patients and potential patients fall under the branding umbrella. The problem occurs when you start to build your website, market your services, sponsor events, do interviews and pay for advertising without a cohesive brand strategy. You tell everyone you are an expert in your field yet your staff looks unkempt and has bad manners.

Have you ever walked into a practice of any kind and thought, I need to leave…immediately?' Dirty offices, dust, long wait time, outdated materials, old magazines, rude front of house staff, doctor is walking on the hems of his or her stained pants, dirty nails, ear hair, old worn out shirt under a white coat that is no longer white, pen with a chewed cap, a manila file folder that is tattered, shoes that are scuffed, hair with visible roots, exhausted looking personnel etc…oh, and a website that looks like it hasn't been updated since the dawn of the web. Your site needs to be a living testament to your brand and confirm your credibility.

You may have one or all of these issues within your practice group. We would love to help you. Whether a visual brand review, seminars for your staff, helping you and your partners to discern your brand so you can communicate it to your staff as well as the watching world, fashion and image direction or personal brand development for yourself or your staff - we can help.

At the end of the day, the brand of a practice is shaped by more than the service received by the patient. Great medicine begins with you and your office. People want to know that you really care about them and your patients should feel familiar with your practice before they have ever visited. There is more to having a successful practice than patients and income. What matters is that you understand you can make a difference in the lives of the people you serve and your practice business strategy is a reflection of your brand. Does your current strategy tell the real story about your brand, or does it send a message that blends in with every other practice in town? Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We would love to serve you.

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