Tuesday, 25 February 2014
Travel, Work and Your Brand

You are a walking billboard
I have been blessed to be on the road most of this last month, flying north, south and west working with corporate and individual clients.  While traveling, I picked up on a few important tips that may affect one's brand and wanted to share in an area that we sometimes forget. Your Personal and Professional Brand is constant you are a walking billboard wherever you are.  The moment you think you are alone, you can bet someone is watching.

I was boarding a plane about a month ago and I was the beneficiary of a poor conversation between a few well-known elected officials.  First, the Visual Brand was in need of drastic repair, but nothing can top the vocal vulgarity I encountered - especially when the conversation was loud enough for everyone to hear.  I am no primitive, precious prude who has never made a mistake, but no one wants to be the unwanted recipient of the poor language that this group of people provided.  Surely we can include words other than those currently banned on our public airways. 

I was disappointed in these elected officials, not only for the damage done to their own personal and professional brand, but for Brand Tennessee as well.  A strong brand is consistent.  A strong brand has a brand filter which helps people to stay on track and make decisions that best represent themselves at all times, along with what they believe and authentically who they are.  Personal and professional brand is more than your image or a picture.  The best Brand sends the right message at home, in the office, at play and yes, on the road.

The good news is that nobody is beyond redemption and we should all offer unmerited grace. Your personal brand is the first thing people think about when they see you and what they remember once you've left the room.  If you read last month's newsletter you will remember that unsinkable ships do sink.  Read here if you missed it.

Consistency is vital to success.  Build your personal and professional brand and stay true to who you. 

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Posted on 02/25/2014 5:10 PM by Mila Grigg, CEO
Friday, 21 February 2014
MODA Newsletter - What do people think about you?

Small mistakes can sink large ships.  In the world of Personal and Corporate Brand, we must be detail-oriented and aware of the messages we are sending.

An authentic Personal and Professional Brand takes time to build.  Be patient and diligent.  Knowing what to do is not enough - doing what is needed is key to all change in your life.

What do people think about you ?

Whether you are an executive, a CEO mom or small business owner, it is vital for you to have a Personal Brand that speaks for you.Your Personal Brand needs to share with the world who you are, your value, your unique gifts and talents and where you are going.

In order to succeed, the first step is to create a Personal Brand that is consistent and trustworthy. We all make mistakes, but when we have a Brand Filter' in place, we are less likely to veer off of our path. Your image is a brand tool that you must pay attention to and build.Your image is simply a part of building a Personal Brand not all of it. First impressions happen in a quarter of a second, and your image is the first thing those around you typically see before they know who you are.

For the Individual:

  • Do you pay attention to how people introduce you?
  • How do you introduce yourself in a way that makes someone want to know more about you?
  • Do the people around you understand what your unique gifts and talents are?
  • Are you aware of how your clients and the community view the company you either own or work for based upon their interaction wtih your Personal Brand? 

For the company:

  • Is the Personal Brand of each employee complementing the Corporate Brand or destroying it?

Small mistakes can sink large ships. Image is one of the mistakes that will sink you brand on impact. A poor image is the iceberg that you need to avoid. You never want someone to see you and assume things about you that are absolutely untrue - even worse, not trust what you are telling them because your image sends a message that is contrary to the message you are speaking. Image and success are inextricably linked.  If you had to film a commercial tomorrow to advertise yourself to the world; would you be ready? 

Please visit our site for more information about MODA Image and Brand Consulting and contact us with questions about individual or corporate brand coaching. Consultations are complimentary. We look forward to serving you and/or your company!

Warmest Regards,

Mila Grigg
CEO, MODA Image and Brand Consulting

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Consultations are always complimentary

Posted on 02/21/2014 12:00 AM by Mila Grigg, CEO
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