Tuesday, 22 February 2011
February 2011 Newsletter - Transformation or Metamorphosis?

Transformation or Metamorphosis-- Spring is coming, are you ready?

We are headed into the spring season and our minds are already thinking of warmer days, beautiful flowers and for many of us, "A NEW ME."  We have been wrapped up in our cocoons of comfort doing all we can to stay warm while we weather the cold days and snowy nights.  I personally compare this time of year to the butterfly.  It started out as a caterpillar and prepared for a NEW SEASON. Building a safe and warm cocoon all around itself, then as the itch of spring begins and the days begin to thaw, it has a desire to push out into the warmth and reveal its new wings and bright colors.  

For some, this is a minor transformation with a few additional updates to our wardrobe, a few more highlights in our hair and a new pair of neutral shoes (So 'in' this season).  For others, we joined gyms this winter and started to reshape our bodies and inspire our minds - and the process is more of a metamorphosis.  This is defined by a marked change in appearance that others around us will notice. We change from one look in the winter, reinvent ourselves and reveal our new look in the spring.  No matter which one it is for you, image and fashion play a major role in turning the cold grey days of winter into the bright colors and breeze of spring.  I have chosen a few pieces that will help you look gorgeous this spring and  definitely help you to stand out!  I would love to help you simply transform a few things or be a part of a larger metamorphosis this spring!

Set the standard and show off your personality with clothing pieces that standout but are still wearable each day.  And remember, fashion is an attitude...decide to start fresh every morning by getting up and getting ready.  It is always a perfect time to start updating your image on the outside in order to better represent who you are on the inside! Call or email today to set up a time for a complimentary consultation.

A great reflection in the mirror does a lot to determine how you feel throughout the day!

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Even a simple black and white checkered shirt (Picture above, available at Nordstrom.com) can have some 'fashion' elements to it.  A bow, a unique ruffle, a gorgeous neckline...Buy unique pieces that say something about YOU and YOUR PERSONALITY.  A simple shell underneath a suit jacket isn't always enough - when purchasing a piece of clothing ask yourself these questions...

1 - Does it say something about my personality?

2- Is it unique?

3- Does it go with at LEAST 3 other pieces in my wardrobe?

4- Does this item compliment my personal and professioanal brand?

If you answer 'no' to any of those questions, put it back.  The military look has been in for a while, and some of the pieces were just beautiful!  If I didn't know my personal brand I would have bought one last season because of the immense cuteness, but I wouldn't have ever worn it. It wasn't 'me,' didn't define my personality and was not a good addition to my current wardrobe...it is easy to get sucked in by cuteness and sales. KNOW YOUR BRAND and save yourself some money!

Diane von Furstenberg Kelli Woven-Panel Hobo

I have always said that a great bag is a worthy investment.  Regardless of what you are wearing, your bag will make or break your outfit.  Buy a timeless style that accentuates your body shape - and can be dressed up or down...don't feel guilty spending money on a great bag if it's the right one!


Diane von Furstenberg Kelli Woven-Panel Hobo; Neimanmarcus.com

It's hard to top the easy, glamorous, chic look of a sheath dress...Wear it anywhere; dress it up or down and make life easy - sandals or pumps and you look beautiful!

Silk silent clusters print dress; Anntaylor.com

PS: If you have worked with me, you know that I am not one to focus on trends...but since I love neutrals and think they are necessary in anyone's wardrobe, let's talk neutrals!  This season you should definitely include a neutral pump/heel into your wardrobe...patent leather, peep toe, sling back or cloth works - just make it a neutral!

Tory Burch - Regina Leather-Trimmed Canvas Jacket




White jeans! Anyone can wear white jeans if they are the right fit...This can sass up any outfit...wear with flats or heels!

Tory Burch; Available saksfifthavenue.com

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Posted on 02/22/2011 12:00 AM by Mila Grigg, CEO
Tuesday, 15 February 2011
The Love Month

Here we are into the second month of 2011, and it happens to be one of my favorite months of the year! I like to call it the Love Month!  No matter what religion you are, what nationality you are, or how old you are; we all learn about Valentine's Day and love to get cards, calls and gifts that say YOU ARE LOVED.  So with this in mind, I want to share some of my favorite thoughts on love.

Love is an amazing word that conjures up so many emotions.  Love is a noun, Love is a verb.  It expresses ones thoughts, dreams and desires.  Love is action and can cure the worst bumps and bruises.  Love makes us happy, Love makes us mad, Love makes us crazy, and of course love can make us excited.  Love gives us a special skip in our day and turns lonely nights in memories of a lifetime.  Love makes us strong and Love can make us weak.  History has been changed because of Love, Love is seen in a child, Love is felt from a pet, Love has started wars and Love has healed the sick.  Love can make us cry and Love can make us laugh and smile.  Men fight for Love and fight over love, women long for love and give birth because of Love.  Love is a heart, Love is a cross.

We can read: Love is patient, love is kind, Love rejoices in truth, Love hears all things, Love believes all things, Love hopes all things, Love endures all things and Love never fails.  Greater Love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.  Love is not jealous, Love does not brag, Love is not arrogant, Love does not act unbecoming, Love does not seek its own, Love does not rejoice in unrighteousness.

We can see Love at birth and love at death.  Love is hard to define and harder to maintain.  Love is worthy of all our efforts and all our expression.  I have seen love, felt love, expressed love and I know Love, For me love is something I can't express except to say God is Love.  (1 John 4:16)

So during this month, think about all the ways we express love and for some of us how we have stopped showing love to the ones we love the most.  I love the fashion world because an entire industry has been built on Love.  I believe we all want to feel loved.  We get dressed and we go out into the world prepared to feel Love, Looking for Love and sharing our Love.  How about you: are you ready for more love?  I have never heard anyone say "They love me too much" or "Stop loving me!"  I hope that each of you takes the time to share Love with someone else. Share it with a stranger through a smile, share it with a friend with a word of encouragement, share it with a child with a warm hug and words of praise, share it with a mother and father by sending them a thank you note, share it with your mate by taking the time to say I LOVE YOU in a special way.  We can all bring a little more Love into the world, so start today and do not wait another moment.  Go look in a mirror and know that Love lives and breathes within you.  I am excited about this month, I am THANKFUL FOR LOVE, and I am hoping that each of you can feel the warmth of Love and share it with the world.

Make every day your Valentine's Day.....Celebrate LOVE!!!


Photo Courtesy of www.istockphoto.com

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Posted on 02/15/2011 9:42 AM by Mila
Wednesday, 9 February 2011
I can't wear jewel tones with black? OH YES YOU CAN!


Just the other day I was reading an article in Bloomberg on IMAGE CONSULTANTS.  I was perplexed to read that so many people have the wrong definition for what a REAL IMAGE CONSULTANT does.  Working on your image is more than putting on the right makeup or matching the colors for your outfits.  Image Consulting is about taking the PERSON, "YOU" and helping them find out who they are and how they can improve their complete public and intimate perceptions. We work on professional etiquette, speaking skills and learning to turn your thoughts into words that can open doors and share your goals.  Image Consultants help men and women turn their inner thoughts into a walking talking painting that says "HERE I AM, HERE IS WHAT I STAND FOR, AND I LOVE WHO I AM."

Now, we all can use some help updating our fashion, finding the right clothing and utilizing the latest and greatest lotions and makeup.  This includes men as well!  We all can say that we want to grow old gracefully or we want to look our best, but an image consultant is like going to the doctor.  We can help you diagnose some problem areas, recommend some changes, and then give you the tools and support you need in order to change your IMAGE so that it reflects who you are.  YOU have to take the medicine and apply it; otherwise all you have done is waste your money getting a diagnosis but never took any of the medicine needed to create the changes you want.  You will change for a few days, maybe even a week or two, but if you do not turn old poor habits into new winning attitudes and actions, your success will be fading from the moment the Image Consultant leaves.

Finally, good image consultants tell you the truth.  The Good Lord made all of us different and we all have some amazing qualities we can share, some lesser qualities we can improve and some poor qualities we need to eliminate.  Telling you the truth allows you to SAVE TIME.  How can anyone improve their image if they do not know or accept the real image they currently share with people? Who has time to waste working through a maze of magazines and store displays trying to decipher your individual look when you're not sure you are even on track for what needs to be changed?

When looking for an image consultant, fashion stylist, wardrobe stylists etc…do your research!  I bet you are wondering what in the world does the title of this blog have to do with the topic…well, here it is.  I worked with an incredible woman the other day and she told me about a friend of hers that had worked with another image consultant.'  This consultant/stylist whatever you want to call it gave her a few rules' to abide by.  I must admit, I am still reeling! They were so untrue that I wanted to call this consultant' and tell her she was giving the industry a bad name.  Now I will admit I am NOT perfect nobody is, but general rules like these are a sure sign to RUN…

Rule #1: You can't wear jewel tones with black. FALSE!

Rule #2: Women should never wear pin stripes. FALSE!

Really? No jewel tones with black?  I didn't get that memo but neither did Anna Wintour, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Jean-Paul Gaultier, John Galliano at Christian Dior or Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel so I'm in good company.  These pictures should just about squelch that ridiculous rule.

No pin stripes for women? Ever? I'll let the pictures speak for themselves and not waste my breath.  I don't always follow designers, nor do I think they are the end all be all of what YOU or I for that matter should wear.  But, these rules are absurd and I think these icons of fashion would agree.

A great (and experienced) Image Consultant can save you time, take you directly where you need to go, center in on the problem areas and help you improve the QUALITY of your life while saving you time and frustration from trying to self diagnose your situation.  Some people who call themselves image consultants are really just salespeople with a different title - a good Image consultant can help you improve in the emotional, spiritual and physical areas of your life…I mean, let's think about it.. ISN'T YOUR REAL IMAGE MADE UP OF ALL OF YOU?  Just learning how to change your makeup and style and nothing else is like painting a car with a broken engine. I admit it looks great on the outside, but it is not going to take you where you want to go.  I hope that I can help you refocus your life on what is important and then share what I have learned over the last  10 years in fashion and image development and help you create the future that you deserve to live.


  Nina Ricci Ruffled Silk Blouse St. John Scoop-Neck Tank Diane von Furstenberg Bandot Tiered Chiffon Top 
           Nina Ricci                                  St. John                                      DVF

Catherine Malandrino Pointelle Ribbed-Waist Top Alexander McQueen Narrow-Leg Cargo Pants Donna Karan Collection Stirrup Leggings 
Malandrino                              McQueen                              Donna Karan


                 Dolce & Gabbana                              Armani

Posted on 02/09/2011 1:13 PM by Mila Grigg
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