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5 Fashion Mistakes that are Brand Killers

"At no point in history has it been this easy to destroy your entire life so quickly in such few words."

Dear Friends,

We live in a world of instant reward and instant destruction.  Social media can take us under in seconds this includes our image, our words and Personal Brand.  A recent article in Forbes said, "At no point in history has it been this easy to destroy your entire life so quickly in such few words." (Read rest of article here: Justine Sacco, Internet Justice, And The Dangers Of A Righteous Mob:

Building your Personal Brand is more important than ever.  Your image, words, actions, non-verbal behavior can be seen globally in seconds.  Do you have a brand filter? Do you know what a brand filter is? Do you make decisions based upon how other's react or do you know who you are and make decisions based upon your core beliefs?  Are you consistent? Does your image properly reflect to the world who you are?  Does your image tell your story?  Does your image say successful? Does your image say you have integrity or does it say unreliable and don't trust me? Does your image say hire me? Promote me? I'm valuable? I have something to offer?

Does your image say fire me? I don't care? This is just a job? I have lost interest in looking my best? Does your image inspire or squelch romance? Does your image tell the world you care? What does your image say?  If you are unsure, please call us.  This is one of the easiest things you can do to ensure you are being seen correctly by your co-workers, peers, family and friends.  We are passionate about helping you to be the best you were created to be.  2014 can be your most successful and joyous year yet.  Look forward with hope, and do something that will help you to establish your Personal Brand.  Consistency is key when communicating whether in person or on the web, it is important to have an image and brand that is reliable.  Style and fashion suggestions without BRAND direction are useless and a waste of money.  Everyone has their own opinion of what is 'stylish' or 'fashionable.'  At MODA, we understand branding and the value of a cohesive image that speaks for you before you have said one word.  We are experts at creating an image that reflects words such as success, exciting, valuable, integrity and romantic.

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Mila Grigg

5 Fashion Mistakes that are Brand Killers (Men and Women)

Personal Brand is so much more than image, but fashion and image can be devastatingly harmful to your brand when done incorrectly.  Here are a few quick tips!

Gentleman, here are a few visual mistakes that hurt your visual brand.

1. Suits that are too large.

Pay attention to sleeve width. Could you fit two arms into your sleeve?Time for a new suit or pay to have the excess fabric trimmed (If it is worth it).

2. Cuffs showing? THEY SHOULD BE. Jacket sleeves should end right at the hinge in your wrist and allow for a quarter to half inch of shirt sleeve to show.  If they don't, you may look sloppy.  Overly large jackets look amateurish.

3. Pant length and fit?  Your pants should not gather at your feet.  If in doubt, they should break once at the top of the front of your shoe and the back of the pant should touch the top of your heel.  Check the length of the stride if it is too long, it can shorten the appearance of legs and throw off the balance of your body.  Any extra material below the knees or around the thighs simply adds weight. 

4. Shirt fit. I throw or give away many, many dress shirts with my individual clients.  You don't need to have a super fitted shirt, but it must fit well.   Always buy a fitted dress shirt, regardless of your size.  There are many levels of slim, trim, fitted etc…try them all on to find one that works or just call us.
You need a new shirt if:

  • You have any billowing around your waist.  This doesn't hide anything only amplifies it.
  • The shoulder seams should hug your shoulders.  If the seam if hanging onto your arm, the shirt is too big.
  • When in doubt of which collar to go with, choose the semi-spread. It works with every kind of suit, every kind of tie. A collar and lapel can really help to define your Brand to the waiting world, so it is worth checking them all out…Need help, call us!

5. Shoes.  What do they tell us?
    Do you pay attention to detail

    Do you take pride in your appearance?
     Do you take the time to polish them?

Do your dress shoes make you look like you have platypus feet?It really is time for an upgrade if you still have anything in a square-toe. Your shoes should create length, be streamlined and not add weight to your body. When in doubt, choose a dress shoe with a slimmer contour (This doesn't mean skinny) and a more rounded toe. Buy a cedar shoe tree worth every penny.

Ladies, it's your turn.

1. Pants.  Too baggy? Too loose? Too short? Too long? 
Quick tips

2. Haven't been professionally fitted for undergarments in over a year?  Run to the store.  You'll probably look as if you've lost 5-10 pounds when you're done.

3. Heavy shoes…What does this mean?
Thick, typically black, clunky, square or rounded toe, unstylish shoes that cover the entire foot and make you look like you are wearing a brick on your foot.  Crocs are in this category. (They are for gardening if you must and toddlers only).  There are stylish options out there for you; especially during the winter…cute boots and flats are everywhere.  Don't add weight where you don't need it…elongate your legs!

4. Shirts.  Before you leave the house in the morning; do the bend test.

  • Too tight?  Can you see a muffin top?
  • Too loose? You are not hiding anything, just accentuating it.  You need to show your curves, and you can do that in something that skims your body rather than grabbing it.
  • Buttons pulling? Time for a different shirt.
  • Too low? If you are showing too much cleavage, you need to invest in an undershirt or a new shirt.
  • Excess fabric on the sleeve? Ask yourself if the shirt is worth being tailored.
  • Hanging off of your shoulder just say no.
  • You haven't worn it in a year? Let go of it.

5. Buying odds and ends.

Just because it is on sale, does not mean you should buy it. When shopping you must know what your wardrobe holes are and look for those. Does the new piece go with at least three things in your current wardrobe? Shop with a plan; or just call us.

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Posted on 12/27/2013 12:00 AM by Mila Grigg, CEO
Thursday, 5 December 2013
Who Is that? What do they do? Should I meet them?

I do not think there is a day where someone does not call, email or ask me in person - HOW CAN I BE A BETTER NETWORKER?  Networking is the official BUZZ WORD and everyone seems to think it is the key to success.  LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube are a few of the latest business crazes that are creating the millionaires and the billionaires.  All are companies that work on the idea of creating a NETWORK of individuals and businesses…or a way to network without having to do it in person.  It is obvious that we understand there is a need for networking, but I can promise you today, that there is more to being a great networker than a Facebook page and an amazing website.

I have found that people and businesses have very little training on HOW TO NETWORK in person.  What happens when everybody gets together at company events or the social and association meetings - all of the sudden the panic sets in and fear takes over because people are failing to learn what social skills are necessary for person to person networking.  Allow me help you to SEE the total picture, and then give you a few hints about networking and how you can improve the quality of your time away from home and the office.  I can best do this by stating what networking is NOT.

It is not going to a meeting with the sole charge of getting business.

It is not about being a taker. There is nothing worse than the person who says I have been a member of this club, group, association or fellowship for months and I am yet to make a single dollar.  I place that idea right beside the person who joins a particular church with the idea of making business contacts verses serving the needs of others and worshiping God.  Self-centered people will never be good networkers.

  1. Networking is about finding a group of individuals who share a common goal, and will invest in working together to help the entire group improve.
  2. Networking is about sharing what you are passionate about and learning from others about their passions, concerns and goals.
  3. Networking is about sharing something you have learned with someone else, but it is not ALL ABOUT YOU.

I have been blessed to know some people that I would say are amazing networkers and I can assure you that every one of them is a special person that wants others to succeed.  Great networks have some particular traits and talents that make them good networkers.

  • They are sincere and have a high level of integrity.
  • They work hard and are informed about their business and their passions.  They are confident - not arrogant.
  • They are not self-centered and can listen just as well as they can speak.
  • They enjoy helping others succeed, and look for opportunities to serve others more than being served by others.
  • They do not expect a payback for every time they help someone.  The advice they share is simply to share it is not conditional.

Finally, they are a light in a dark room!!!

This is perhaps the best trait of networking.  They understand that people are very visual and that we form opinions based on what we see.  Great networkers are usually very neat and "put together."  They always seem to have a smile and positive attitude.  A colleague of mine said it well when she said, "They are comfortable in their own skin."  

This means they know that their fashion, style and complete image is a TOOL that attracts people. When they walk into a room, their visual message makes others say, "Who is that, What do they do, Should I meet them?"

They attract people to themselves, but best of all when people do walk up and meet them, they are gracious, excited about life and they see opportunities where others see a failure. Their image and Personal and Professional Brand says something to you -the words, character and attitude reinforce what you see.

So in a recap, networking is a visual skill, an educated skill and one that everyone should learn. If you want to be a great networker, become active in things that you are passionate about, share ideas that benefit others, do not go out with the idea of making money and BE a LIGHT ON THE HILL. Let your visual image, your personal character and your humble heart be the calling card that says, COME AND MEET ME or as I said earlier, all those traits to stimulate the questions in others. Who is that, What do they do, Should I meet them?  You should strive to become a great networker and bring added value to the groups and associations you join.

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Posted on 12/05/2013 11:06 AM by Mila Grigg, President
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