Tuesday, 17 November 2015
MODA Nashville Business Journal Blog - Authenticity Builds Its Own Success

Don't miss the new MODA Image and Brand Consulting column in the Nashville Business Journal. Authenticity Builds Its Own Success.

Read the Nashville Business Journal column HERE.

We referenced our client, New Life Medical Group, as a successful practice built on the authenticity of its medical director, Dr. Roy Schmidt.

When you truly believe in what you do, success will follow. Sharing your 'why' and your Brand story is vital to achieve any type of success. Dr. Schmidt is a doctor that is not only on the cutting edge in his field, but he is passionate about continuing to grow in order to serve as many people as possible.

How do you build your own brand story? Personally and/or professionally? How do you share it with those that need to hear it? Dr. Schmidt is a great example. Feel free to visit his website to learn more, watch videos and hear his story. www.newlifemedgroup.com.

Here is an excerpt from the homepage: Find the differentiating factor - it is key to share what differentiates you and/or your business.

This is not your standard medical office. New Life Medical Group (formerly Tennessee Hyperbaric Center/Pain Specialist Center), does not accept the idea that nothing else can be done. Your body is the most remarkable thing in all of creation, and NLMG is finding innovative ways that your body can work to heal itself. Good doctors treat a symptom and seek to find solutions to your concerns and pains. Great doctors and practices go a step beyond the traditional roles; NLMG seeks to bring hope to your life, vibrancy to your day and dreams to your restful nights.

We are innovative and understand the true cost of living with pain, the anguish of diminished hope and the desire for more fulfilling life. In addition to traditional pain treatments, New Life Medical Group offers innovative therapies to treat the cause of a patient's pain or other conditions. Among these are stem cell therapy (with cells taken from the patient's own body), regenerative medicine and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

While less than a handful of clinics around the country may offer one of these treatments, Dr. Schmidt and New Life Medical Group, were the first in the region to bring all these services under one roof.

If pain is your problem, we are a solution. If you have been told there is nothing else that can be done to help you, we are a place you must visit. We hope to add years of joy to your life and we genuinely care about every person we serve. Life is too short to accept the status quo, please walk through our site, contact us for an appointment and join our New Life News publication. A New Life awaits you, and you can begin your journey today. We do not want you hooked on medicine, trapped and dependent upon your doctor. We want you living life, getting the most from each moment and finding joy in the breaking of each new dawn.

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