Monday, 15 October 2012
What do your shoes say?

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Your shoes tell the world about who you are…

VC Signature 'Priscilla' PumpI have always touted that your fashion and image' or Personal Brand, will tell people about you before you've ever said a word.  More and more studies are surfacing that confirm people are able to correctly assess a person's personality and so much more based simply on what they see.  Your shoes are talking to those around you do you know what they are saying? 


Researchers at the University of Kansas and Wellesley College in Massachusetts found that people can use minimal appearance clues - such as shoes - to accurately determine others' personalities.  People were usually able to guess others' age, gender, ballpark income and level of agreeability based on their footwear, according to a new study published in the August 2012 edition of the Journal of Research in Personality. (Source: Ny Daily News)

Shoes…"serve a practical purpose, and also serve as nonverbal cues with symbolic messages," write researchers from the University of Kansas and Wellesley College in their study, "Shoes as a Source of First Impressions."

If you don't believe that image' in general is something that you deem to be important when communicating who you are I would encourage you to be conscious of your thoughts when you meet a doctor for the first time.  I would be surprised if you told me you were not aware of his or her image.  If a doctor walks into a room to treat you and they have cracked glasses, nose or ear hair sticking out, dirty nails (or simply unkempt nails), is walking on the hems of his or her pants, has a stain on an already yellowed lab coat, has a cheap pen with tooth marks in the lid, has dirty or stained teeth…and even, scuffed or torn shoes.  What do you think?  I doubt an image with any of those mistakes would inspire a sense of trust.  I recently worked with a brilliant surgeon his image was lacking and he assumed people were beginning to think less of his ability because he wasn't chosen by his peers for something that he wanted.  (He didn't go in to the details, but it was obvious he was affected). 

You can be the most intelligent person in your office, but be passed up for promotions and special projects because your image signals to others that you are not detail-oriented or trustworthy.  I constantly tell college students you worked hard for your education, don't let that time and money go to waste just because you don't see the importance of image.  (More on that next month…)


If you read this and are a bit discouraged, don't be.  We all have different talents and gifts not all of us know how to put together a wardrobe that reflects who we are or what our Personal Brand is.  We are happy to help you to define your Brand and to establish a consistent message with your appearance.  Consultations are always complimentary.

In honor of this fun study, I have chosen some of my favorite fall shoes.  Enjoy this beautiful weather in style (and comfort!)

I hope to hear from you soon!

President, MODA Image Consulting


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Posted on 10/15/2012 12:00 AM by Mila Grigg, CEO
Monday, 15 October 2012
Resume Looks Great, Diploma Looks Great, Interview: Not So Much!

A little advice for college grads and anyone on the job hunt. Today's educational elite and the over qualified out of work individuals need to pay attention to the importance of the eye.  You see: The eye is the best organ of speech when you are interviewing for a job. All of us are writing a story with our lives and one that will affect our future and those who we come in contact with.  This has nothing to do with your intelligence or how fantastic your resume looks.  This is about how you look in person that really determines the direction of an interview. There is power in looking great and knowing how to dress for an interview. Your image is as or more important than your actual words because your fashion communicates all varieties of emotions including indignation, surprise, determination and appeal.  Your thoughts and words are reinforced into the memory of the interviewer by the visual image and oral impression you provide. Body language says a lot about someone, almost as much as the resume itself.  We have all met the incredibly successful student with poor people skills, or the amazing executive who has lost all humility and projects an image of arrogance.  So here are some items you should consider before your interview…

  • There is a science to colors and the colors you wear. Pick the right colors based on the company you are interviewing with.
  • Body language shares a BOOK about one's life and self-confidence.  Proper posture is worth more than you think.
  • Facial expressions and a smile can open just about any door, but the wrong ones can end an interview before you have said a word.
  • Sloppy clothes and poor grooming can most assuredly keep you unemployed.  Look your best and show some respect!

Many colleges lack classes that teach students about personal presentation and how to really DRESS FOR SUCCESS.  

A recent survey of hiring managers by the Center for Professional Excellence at York College of Pennsylvania found that 40 percent of young job applicants show up dressed inappropriately, 29 percent are late for interviews, and 26 percent don't know much about the company they're interviewing with. More than 11 percent send text messages or use their phones during an interview.

Some students today have spent tens of thousands to receive an education but still leave college and have no idea how to actually get a job.  Intelligent and broke are two words that seem to spend more time together in today's job market.

Here is some advice for the seasoned executive that was caught in downsizing or is looking for new opportunities. Please do not listen to the pundits; you can teach old dogs new tricks.  Odds are that your image is as outdated as the horse and buggy, so get reenergized and invest in the proper image for the career changes you are making. Nothing says "HIRE ME" like an image that is inviting and exciting. Boring is dead and blending in will keep you out of work. Take the time to find some help before you go to the interview, and find an Image Consultant that can do more than stick you in a professional dress or suit.  Clothes do not get you the job, but like a great work of art, people will notice you when you are dressed to represent your Personal Brand.  I am available to help you turn all of your hard work, education and effort into an image that equates to success, experience and the desire to help others succeed.  When it comes to helping you find and create your 'Personal and Professional Brand," there is no company or person better than MODA Image Consulting. Success does not just happen but it is achieved when opportunity meets preparation. Do your homework, work to be completely prepared and I can promise you that opportunities will come.  When opportunities present themselves, you must ask yourself if how you look will say as much if not more about how educated you are and how much experience you can bring to a company in need.

Your career is waiting…Are you prepared?

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Posted on 10/15/2012 4:33 PM by Mila Grigg, President
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