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Why are you being passed over for that promotion?

Why are you being passed over for that promotion?

I was given an article from the Washington Post at a recent seminar, titled, Rob Ryan can't get NFL head coaching job … because of his hair? The article goes on to state, "If he wants to be a head coach, he has to cut his hair," ESPN's Chris Mortensen said, citing what several executives had told him. "It is about image for these guys. They want a CEO-type. That's what they want." It does not matter what line of work you are in, your personal brand statement should be consistent with who you are and your image should build your brand, not break it down.  Read the article by clicking the link above it's worthy of your time.  Photo credit: (Ted S. Warren / AP)

It's the little things that can boost your career or kill it.  I have worked with hundreds of executives who have asked themselves the same question.  I deserve a promotion, I deserve this leadership opportunity, I deserve to have my ideas heard…but for some reason, you continue to be passed over.

Ask yourself; have you taken control of building a strong, consistent and cohesive personal brand?  If not, it's about time.  The Nashville Business Journal called it a buzzword that changed how we do business in 2013 and interviewed MODA about it.  Read column here

A researcher from Fairleigh Dickinson University sent identical resumes to over 1,000 employers asking what starting salary would be offered. Half of the resumes included a picture of the "applicant" before being made over and the other half included a picture showing the person with an upgraded image.

The applicant with the polished image received starting salary replies of at least 20 percent higher than the resume sent with the before picture. How can we ignore these facts?  More research is being done on the relation between image and life success but common sense would tell us that anyway. 

You can be the smartest, most qualified person for the position, but a weak personal brand will never be promoted. A personal brand is your unique promise of value what sets you apart and distinguishes you.  Have you begun to dig into what your strengths are?  Do you know what others value in you?  Do you know how you would like everyone to perceive and describe you when they see you?  What traits about yourself do you want to promote on a daily basis?

The world is flat and you are no longer bound to one geographic region….your image is seen globally do you know what yours is saying? This is what we do with clients daily.  Helping them to build a powerful personal brand that says, promote and follow me. Let us help you build a personal brand.

We are here to help and look forward to serving you.  Please contact us for a complimentary consultation. We have partnered with the Scarlett Leadership Institute again to lead an incredible one day session on how to build your Corporate, Professional and Personal Brand.  Please don't hesitate to call us for more information.

Warmest Regards,
Mila Grigg

Scarlett Leadership Institute and MODA Image Consulting will be providing a
one day seminar on Corporate, Professional and Personal Brand. This seminar is an
essential aid to a leader's success in every field of business, providing the training
needed to empower leaders and businesses to create, communicate and increase
Brand value. Please read the press release for more information.

Join us in February, 25 2014 for a One Day Session with Mila Grigg, CEO, MODA Image Consulting

Stop Working TO FAIL!

The world is in information overload.  Success in business today is determined by your ability to "get noticed" and to properly communicate the value of your products, services and abilities.  The world today reacts first to what is seen, and then it asks questions.  Your BRAND can make or break your business in less than 24 hours, just as the wrong Personal Brand message can take years to correct.  Are you working TO FAIL?

Mila Grigg, CEO of MODA Image Consulting, will be teaching on the key essentials to developing a Corporate, Personal and Professional Brand.  In this special, 1-day session, you will learn how to:

  • Increase your corporate and professional visibility
  • Build and accurately communicate a powerful Personal and Professional Brand
  • Use your Personal Brand to network successfully, communicate consistently, build a stronger social media presence, speak and present with confidence
  • Utilize your Personal Brand in the work place in order to become your greatest marketing tool, establish credibility, increase income and opportunity
  • Develop an image that represents your Brand regardless of age
  • Create an impactful first impression and build successful relationships
  • Create a Brand that communicates for you, before you say a word
  • Improve your quality of life and the lives of those around you

Each attendee will receive 6 hours of intense personal training and an excellent working lunch.

Session Date:  February 25, 2014

Location:  Scarlett Leadership Institute, 840 Crescent Centre Drive, Suite 120, Franklin, TN

Cost $375

Click here to register and reserve your spot!

Mila Grigg is the leading expert on Corporate, Professional and Personal Brand.  Her training programs have helped sales producers become Mega Producers and corporate executives to be Management Icons.  She has presented her seminar series "Personal and Professional Brand" to Executives, Fortune 100 and 500 corporations and leading institutions in education.  Individual and corporate clients span across multiple industries including healthcare, law, professional services, banking, retail, auto, finance and more. 

She was recently honored as one of the Nashville Business Journal's "Forty Under 40." Please visit for more information


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