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Video Presentation - Your Image is More Important than What You Say!

Video, Video, Video....Oops

You want to know what is so great about YouTube, Skype and the world of Video? It is the ability for people to communicate visually with the entire world.  In the past we had the phone, the written word and then email or text, but no one could afford the famous producers and cost of producing a video presentation for your business or hobbies.  It was the BIG Companies, the TECH Firms that had the awesome video introductions on their websites or in their commercials.  Things have changed, and everyone is just a computer, a camera and a click away from creating the visual communication that tells the world about you or your business.  THIS IS WHERE THE REAL PROBLEM BEGINS.  

Websites do not cost thousands anymore, and we still have the uninformed business or individual thinking it takes an expensive PRO to create a video presentation.  Sadly, many of today's video guru's just do not understand the importance of their client's 'Personal and Professional Brand.'  I have seen, and have been hired to correct countless video bytes because the video alone was now communicating the wrong BRAND IMAGE.  What could be a great tool was now the weapon of professional destruction.  

What good is it to have a professional Video Communication if great mistakes are made?

  • Speaking skills are questioned
  • Speaker is fidgeting
  • The colors and backgrounds are incorrect based on the company brand
  • The spokesperson looks less than presentable and the image that is projected is improperly prepared and lacks any real continuum of the persons Personal and Professional Brand'
  • Wardrobe and fashion are telling the incorrect story (Wearing an outfit that is trendy or represents one season more than the other.  *A Hint: Look to classic basics that are timeless and elegant.  No turtlenecks (especially with necklaces on the outside of them, boots and wintery fabrics are a few of the things you should stay away from).
  • The image you portray unknowingly says don't trust me' when the brand of the company says integrity'

If you are going to take the time to create a Video Visual Image, then take the time to create the best one of you, your brand and your business.  Stuttering, improper fashion, confusing or dull color backgrounds and poor personal and professional presence can take a terrific tool and make it a terrific mistake.  

If you remember anything, please remember this: BRAND IS EVERYTHING.

Just because you are not personally there, remember that the Internet, along with videos, live forever.  The image you are projecting says more than you can ever write in an advertisement, corporate statement or invitation to serve a potential client or customer.  The next time someone wants to provide you with a corporate or business video, ask them to describe your Brand, share how they SEE your image, and then what they know about your customers and products.  Your video presentation is for the companies and people you serve and want to serve. If the producer knows nothing about them, then that is like asking someone to build you a boat when you live in the desert.  It looks good, but in the end, it is useless.

MODA Image Consulting can serve your needs when it comes to creating a BRAND IMAGE that turns your videos into profits and prestige.  People decide within seconds of SEEING you if they are going to believe what you are saying.  Do not become just another talking head in a video. Be different, be better, reflect who you REALLY ARE!

I look forward to serving you, your company or both in 2013.  We have some great changes and announcements in store for MODA Image Consulting this year and we look forward to sharing them with you.  Your success is our success.  We are passionate about helping you to be the best you can be.

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Friday, 11 January 2013
Don't Let Someone Say, 'I Never Would Have Thought,' About You!


The words 'I would never have thought' are common when we talk about other people or organizations.  We have all been a part of the conversations and said, Well, I would have never thought (we can stick in anyone's name) worked there or did that or lived in such and such neighborhood.'  The list could go on and on.  You know, the disconnect we have when what we see just does not match up with someone's actions or our OPINION about them.  When your image and actions are incorrect, then your opportunity to be HEARD CORRECTLY may never take place, and the world INCORRECTLY decides who you are and what you are all about.

Words have such power; whether spoken or unspoken.  The spoken word leads to assurance of communication and truth, while the unspoken leads to speculation and assumption.  What you say is one way of defining who you are.  The other way to define who you are is through the image you project - what you wear and how you act.  Think of a work of art for instance, we all wonder what the artist is trying to say, then we read the card under the art and it tells us exactly what they are expressing. The same is true about our lives and our careers. What we say is but one way of defining who we are, the other way is SPEAKING by the image we project.

Today, so many people believe that their image should match the image of a model, mannequin, the latest trends or newest ads in the magazines. The image you project may say more than YOU LOOK GOOD, it may also say words like arrogance, intolerance, elitist or impersonal. Your choice in fashion and style should not create confusion, but should be a confirmation of who you really are.

Your image can say mysterious without saying unapproachable.  Your image should invite people in - it should be a calling card that opens a door, stirs a conversation and creates an opportunity.  Your image should not create discomfort or push people away, nor should you project what YOU ARE NOT.

As an Image Consultant and Brand Marketer, I am not trying to make my clients just handsome or pretty, but I help them to show the world who they are by the very image they display through their fashion and wardrobe, etiquette, words and behavior.  I help my clients create an inviting image, a 'Personal and Professional Brand' that communicates for them and says exactly what they want it to say.  I help people and companies create a brand that opens minds and doors, invites people in while opening ears and eyes - encouraging an atmosphere that says I want to know you before I form my opinions.  

Eliminate the potential comment I would have never thought' by defining your 'Professional and Personal Brand.'  Then match that brand to an image which accurately tells your story and reflects who you are.  You will find that people will be attracted to you and not pushed away. 

The key to remember is that people do not like the unknown, and when your image is confusing and leads others to improper interpretation of who you are based on what they see, avoidance becomes the best way to protect one's self.  

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013
Wall Street Journal - Thoughts on Image and Wardrobe...

The following article is from the Wall Street Journal.  It really articulates how your fashion and actions are essential to understanding and communicating your brand.  Ms. Ramirez is right on track as she shares the importance of your attire to the selling process.  What you wear says so much about you and is the 2nd most essential part in creating and sharing your "Personal and Professional Brand."  

Looking great and projecting the right image is not some new strategy on selling products or services, but it is a timeless and deliberate choice that shows others how much you respect them and how much you respect yourself.  I hope you enjoy the article.  If I can be of help with your decision to get the most you can out of life, please contact me and we will begin the process of helping you see all you really are and then show that to the world.

What They're Wearing at Halstead Property
(Click the link above to go to the column)
My favorite part of this column is Diane Ramirez.  You can click on her picture to continue reading what she says - It will take you to the pictures associated with this column.  You will find her and her comments on the 3rd picture.  She is stunning, beautifully dressed, knows the value of having a Personal Brand that makes the right statement.  Remember, your clothing and image is talking for you - do you know what it is telling the world about you?

Diane Ramirez,President
Jacket: Dana Buchman
Pants: Armani
Jewelry: Gifts from her husband

"As you take on more leadership, you must lead in everything from attire to behavior to how you treat people," said Ms. Ramirez, who was a partner in founding the firm with Clark Halstead in 1984. "I believe you should lead by example, so that fits in my clothing as well."

For more information on Personal Brand, please visit our site for information on how to create yours.  A blog you may enjoy written earlier this year about Leadership and Branding -

We look forward to hearing from you!

Mila Grigg, President

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