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What Does 'Fashion' Have to do with Love?

Oh Valentine's Day.  A time for romance.  A time for rekindling an old flame.  A time for putting the spark back into an important relationship.  This is the month we take the time to show the one we love just how much we love them.  How exciting!  Love is an amazing word that conjures up so many emotions. 

Love makes us happy, Love makes us mad, Love makes us crazy, and of course, love can make us excited.  Love gives us a special skip in our day and turns lonely nights in memories of a lifetime.  Love makes us strong and Love can make us weak.  History has been changed because of Love. Love is seen in a child, Love is felt from a pet, Love has started wars and Love has healed the sick.  Love can make us cry and Love can make us laugh and smile.  Men fight for Love and fight over love, women long for love and give birth because of Love.  Love is a heart, Love is a cross.

SO, what does fashion' have to do with love?

If you are planning a date night with the one you love; here is some advice.  The time that you take to look' great shows the other person how important they are to you you took the time to look especially beautiful.  That means something.

Ladies…Buy a new dress, put on your heels and lipstick, take the time to do your hair and have a great evening with your dates! 

Men…Shave, get your hair cut, trim your nose and ear hair, polish your shoes and make a reservation early…show up with a great smile, clean car, flowers and bottle of champagne (Even if you are married) and start the night off right. 

I have included a letter below from a client I have worked with for some time now.  I thought it was a great expression of truth about how fashion correlates with LOVE and thought I would share it with you during this month of love! 



Do you still need the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your special someone?  Whether it is Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, a birthday or anniversary, the gift of MODA is perfect for any occasion.  Please call us if you have questions about gift certificates.

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I have to submit this letter to you and I hope that you will share it with others. I am a married man, with several children and I work hard all day, as does my wife. She is working part time, and taking care of our children while managing a home too.  She recently came home and shared an article with me where a woman said SHE DID NOT NEED TO DRESS FOR HER HUSBAND since he loved her for who she was not how she looks.  Well, I agree completely; however, I hope that I can help some of the women you meet and serve understand why that statement can do more harm than it can good to a relationship, plus I must add: My wife does not agree to the statement in totality.

True I love my wife and the love is so much deeper than outer appearance but let me ask you and your readers: Do you like it when your husband takes the time to hand write a LOVE LETTER TO YOU?  I write love letters to my wife as often as my heart is prompted.  See, a love letter is a lot like fashion for a man and his wife. When I write a love letter to my wife I am taking the time to invest in her so that she feels better and can read how I feel about her.  It is just something about a written page that is so much more than spoken words.  I take the time to find the right card, the right paper and the right words to express how amazing she is and how proud I am of her as a woman.  Each line is an expression of my love for her. No two love letters are alike.  Each one must express something different.  I do not have to write her love letters to make her feel good, and my love letter is not a requirement of our love.  I write them because I do love her, and I know that she loves the special communication I send and understands the commitment to time I make to write.  A love letter is all about her!!  Now that being said, I just warm up when I give her the letter.  I can't help it!! Just knowing that my words will make her smile and let her know that she is special is all I need to keep me more passionate than I already was. There are some great romantic and special nights after a love letter day!

Well now to the point. Us men: well we are visual. We can't help it; it's just the way the Lord made us. So when I see my wife, I love the fact that she has taken the time to put on a great outfit, or do her hair or fix her eyes.  There is no scent better in the world than the one that reminds you of your wife! When she takes the time to get dressed and I know that she is thinking of me when she does it, well that just makes me feel special and warm. You see, when my wife dresses, she doesn't have to do it to show me she loves me, nor does she have to do it to please me: But like a great love letter: When she dresses and I know she is thinking of me, it sure makes me feel better. Her clothing is the same as my envelope. Each piece of her fashion is like the individual lines I write in a love letter. Each morning I know she is preparing a love letter for me. My children see her preparation and care as she looks her best for them as much as she does for herself. Also one more thing I can add: When I get home or sometimes when I just wake up: I can tell you that Like a Good Love Letter: Great looking fashion and her display of something that is just for me, sure does lead to some romantic nights. So be certain and let your women know that the other article and comments are right: NO WOMAN HAS TO DRESS FOR A MAN OR HIS APPROVAL, but if they like love letters and are trying to find a way to express their love, there is something about a great outfit that says I LOVE YOU. Thanks for letting me share.

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Monday, 16 January 2012
Winter Blues - Add some color to brighten up your mood and your wardrobe!

Hi Friends,

The cold winter days can get you down.  I have always felt that how we feel on the inside is reflected on the outside, but sometimes, we can wear something on the outside that will truly help us FEEL better on the inside.  Every day, we should put something on that helps us to FEEL great - even when we are most casual. 

A huge spring 2012 fashion trend will be to add pops of color everywhere...So to get us out of this winter funk, we can start now!  Add a bright color to your winter wardrobe for a quick pick-me-up!

Here are some examples from one of my absolute favorite online sites;

If you are in a fashion rut, need to start over, are wondering what works best for your body type or are in need of an image boost - please call us to set up a complimentary consultation.

MODA Image Consulting

Bright Idea                                                                  
Issa Flared wool princess coat  Bottega Veneta Belted double-faced cashmere coat  Rebecca Taylor Wool-blend coat 

Vanessa Bruno Wool and cashmere-blend felt coat    Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle leather tote
All image above are from  Please visit the site to find these incredible pieces.

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Thursday, 12 January 2012
The Ultimate Brand - Take a play out of Tebow's book

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow prays after the Broncos defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime in the NFL AFC wildcard playoff football game in Denver, Colorado, January 8, 2012. REUTERS/Marc Piscotty - Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow prays after the Broncos defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime in the NFL AFC wildcard playoff football game in Denver, Colorado, January 8, 2012. REUTERS/Marc Piscotty | ReutersI must admit that I am enjoying watching #15 from the Denver Bronco's play football this year and it appears that the rest of America is just as excited.  The TV ratings for the Bronco games are through the roof as America tunes in to see if the young quarterback is for "real." Now for me, a person who loves to help other people excel, I am enthralled with how Mr. Tebow is a representation of what happens to someone when what they say is truly what they believe.  He talks the talk and walks the walk How many people or businesses do you know that do that?  Please take a minute to read along as I share with you the steps that every person and company can take in order to rise to the top of the ladder. 

I like to call this the development of THE ULTIMATE BRAND.

Know what you truly believe in.  For individuals, it is defined as your character.  It is always based on some absolute truth.  If you are unsure of what you stand for, then your positions on important and secondary issues in life will always change and shift.  

If you are a company, it is the BRAND of the business.  It is that one unifying ingredient that everyone understands to be constant and never changing about the company.  I help companies and individuals determine their brand and then show them how to display that brand through image.

Prepare for those who will challenge what you believe or what your business stands for.  There are always the naysayers who will whisper in your ear: That can't be true, you can't change, or no one is that absolute about anything.  There is always a demon in the mix to bring down what you seek!  For companies, it will be those who do not excel for excellence but rather want to excel at mediocrity.  These are the doubters who will say that NO company can do that and survive, or they will tell you how unpopular you will be and that everyone else is doing it a certain way.

Exaltation and elevation.  This occurs as those who opposed you begin to see that you are legitimate.  As an individual, they see that when you are tested, you still stand for the same principles.  For a business, your company will be recognized as one that actually believes what it is putting out into the media and at company training seminars.  This happens when you or the business have been tested by the fires of life and do not change under pressure.  People will begin to realize that you stood for what you said you stood for, even when under fire.

I break these three steps down as follows:

The Ultimate Personal or Professional Brand occurs when the reality of your words and slogans meets the truth of your actions in life or business.  THERE IS NO FAKING.  Remember that you will always have those whose disbelief is spoken to you this is followed by accusations that your brand is not genuine - and finally, as people see, read and hear that you or your business is exactly what it says it is, they will believe in and have a desire to emulate you or your company.

There are companies today that have great slogans, but their employees do not even understand what they mean much less follow them.  There are authors writing books and hosting seminars whose real life and how they are when no one is looking does not reflect what they write or preach.  

The Ultimate Brand never accepts mediocrity, it always wants to excel, it is always based on some absolute truth and it takes time and action to create it.  

Everyone can change, and companies can evolve for the better…Basically, all can repent and go back to how things SHOULD BE RUN if they are running them incorrectly.  Your IMAGE, YOUR BRAND can be TRUE.

The exciting quarterback for the Denver Bronco's is such a man.  He has proclaimed what he believes, he shouts it from the rooftops and he lives it even as he goes through the challenging fires of life and the moments of celebration.  The world waits for him to fall down so they can say I TOLD YOU SO, but as for me, I pray that he continues to surround himself by people that build up and support his true character and that he continues to be led by his faith.  He needs good Image Consultants and Brand Managers that understand what he really stands for, WHO it is he really exalts and help steer him through the challenges in life.

MODA Image Consulting is all about HOPE, Helping Other People Excel.  I help people and businesses understand what their BRAND is and then provide the image management and training to turn that Brand into action and reality in life.  Once that is accomplished, the naysayers will come along and seek to buy your products and emulate your lifestyle.  Everyone loves a leader.  In Mr. Tebow's case, he is led by something far greater than any man can be led by.  He is led by the Living Word and His Truths are absolute - Win or lose, he is who he is.  Can you say that about you or your company?

If not, then give me a call, and together we can create the Ultimate Brand for you or your business, help your employees to understand the message and give them the tools to represent it the way you intended it to be repressented.

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012
Occupy Wall Street - How understanding this movement can HELP your business.


How the Occupy Wall Street' movement can help your business…

Disclaimer:  The following comments speak in generalities when one says political process, politicians, business and media. There are exceptional businesses, true reporters and a few politicians whom are interested in doing the right thing verses whatever will get them back in office.

I am excited about 2012 and all of the opportunity that exists for the companies that learn to look at the "Occupy Wall Street" movement with the right eyes.  First, let us be honest.  We need a strong banking community and the last thing we need is more government intervention in our capitalist economic model.  Governments cannot legislate morality and values when politicians can't define "Absolute Truth," and everything is determined by the latest popularity polls verses being statesmen and women. "Occupy Wall Street" is the public's way of expressing frustrations toward any business or person that can be demonized over the rapid changes that have taken place in our world of Instant Gratification.'  Company shareholders want immediate results, the government is broke so it wants taxes and fees, and educational systems have fallen away from educating young people on some absolute values that give life a value beyond dollars and cents.  Corporate leadership is trying to make as much as they can while they have a job because long term employment is an dead concept when immediate results are required regardless of the cost to society.  Customers are seen as human capital verses individuals with lives, dreams and hopes for a brighter tomorrow.  We have taught the people who are in need to depend on the "free lunch" and our charitable organizations and religious groups look to build bigger buildings verses feed and house the needy.

Then of course there is the "MEDIA" which is now based on which side of the political table you sit or what story creates the best result for advertisers.  Some reporters no longer investigate but simply regurgitate whatever is HOT RIGHT NOW.  Occupy Wall Street is a sign of times to come for a frustrated humanity that has been told for years that success is a right and that someone is always to blame for how you feel.

Now here is the silver lining to the demonstrations and growing frustrations.  Companies can create changes in their policies which will catapult their businesses to the top over the next 5 years.  I call this short-term planning, but in today's world that would be called strategic long term initiatives.  No matter what you may call it, companies must change the way they are doing business from technologically driven planning that replaces human contact with technical efficiency to one that utilizes technology to create a greater understanding of peoples time and as a means to improve personal and professional relationships that understand human emotions. Computers, social websites, automated voice mails and virtual technology seems like the answer to corporate efficiency, but it will end up being the death nail for retailers and large companies. Today's retail winner and corporate success are companies that have taken technology and made it personal but not at the expense of real human relationships.  Companies like Apple and Google have work environments the spur creativity, balance and wealth based on long term success. When companies no longer see the customer as their boss, they will fail, or at best, they become the giant behemoth that the public uses out of necessity but does not like.  Today's larger banks and cell phone companies have fallen prey to this problem.  Customers are no longer hearing pleasant voices that represent long standing relationships, but rather we get automated voice mail attendants that send you on a proverbial wild goose chase and you, the customer, have become a 9 digit number that is but one customer in a sea of millions.  Human contact is eliminated and companies have begun to see the customer as a web address verses a living breathing person that has real emotions, dreams, hopes and desires.  Let's face it, the social website craze is all about creating contacts and relationships based on data and limited time for real human contact.  You can go from office to office in most cities today without having to go out on the street and we can drop out of society by hiding in big homes or secure buildings that insulate us from the rest of the human race.  We as a people now look at the challenges of society as "that is their problem, so why should I care."  

I can tell you that the company that starts to say 'I care' is the company that will win customers and increase its long term revenue and values.

No matter how much we want to imagine that people are digital beings without personality and emotional needs, we are humans and we love human touch, the smile of another person, the handshake of a commitment and laughter of people who are enjoying themselves.  We want to be appreciated and loved for who we are, not who someone else makes us out to be.  The winner is the company that says my greatest asset is my people and our customers, and not the latest building or computer program.  So retailers listen, your brand is everything and it needs to say a few very direct things.

First: The customer is KING.

Second: We appreciate your business.

Third: Problems are met with: How can I correct any problems you may have and as an employee I am empowered to serve you until you are happy.

Fourth: Technology is amazing and we use it in a manner that allows you to be efficient with your time but not lose the ability to be a person verses an email address or data collection vehicle.

Fourth:  Customers will pay for quality and they will be loyal to companies that invest back into THEIR COMMUNITY.

Now who is going to be the winner?  The winner in the changing business environment will be the companies and institutions that decide that efficiency is not preferred over human needs of touch and communication.  The winner will be the retailers, the businesses and the institutions who understand that the customer is a person, a living breathing emotional human being who wants to be respected and appreciated for spending their money with you.  We have spent 10 years breaking down the customer into a buyer or consumer and not a person, so we now read about the great customer relationship companies as though they were part of some archaic business model.  The winner will be the companies that take technology and improve the input of the customer and train their employees to appreciate each customer as someone who helped create their jobs and are a means to long term security for their own lives.  These companies can be comfortable with investing for the long term because their customer base will be loyal and appreciates feeling good when they spend their hard earned money at the retailer, educational facility and even their government.  

I am excited about 2012 as I express HOPE for the businesses and people whom I serve.  Helping Other People Excel.  Thank you for 2011 and let's make 2012 the year of the PERSON.

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012
Beauty advice from an expert...From
This is great advice from one of the best make-up artists in the world.  She has invented looks on the runways for years and inspired thousands.  This is a rough time of year for our skin, and I thought I would post this fabulous information from for you!  My favorite make-up tip is highlighter.  If done properly, it can truly change the way you look for the better.


To make models' skin look immaculate on the fall runways (like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein), makeup artist Pat McGrath brought an arsenal of foundation, concealer, powder, and highlighter into play. The resulting complexions were so radiant and flawless, she called them "hyperperfect." "It's as if we could bring Photoshop to life with makeup," says McGrath. We asked her how to give skin this retouched effect, step-by-step.

Olay Cleanser

1. "Start with good skin care,"
says McGrath. Exfoliating will prevent the makeup you later apply from looking flaky. McGrath suggests using Olay Dual Action Cleanser and Pore Scrub to get the job done.

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Garnier Moisture Rescue

2. Make sure to moisturize.
"I massage moisturizer into the skin and really get the blood flowing to prep skin for makeup," says McGrath. Smooth a generous dose over the face and neck. (Try Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Lightweight UV-Lotion or La Roche-Posay Anthelios SX Daily Moisturizing Cream.)

L'Oréal Visible Lift

3. Spot correct.
"Hyperperfection isn't about slathering on a full face of foundation," says McGrath. Instead, warm up a liquid or cream formula by rubbing it between your fingers, then only blend it into any dark spots or red splotches. To ensure skin looks exceptionally flawless, McGrath even covers discoloration on the neck and chest. (For moderate coverage, we love Yves Saint Laurent Teint Radiance foundation; for slightly stronger coverage, try L'Oréal Paris Visible Lift Serum Absolute foundation.)

Laura Mercier

4. Brush up.
"Rather than using your fingers to apply concealer, use a small pointed brush for more precise application," McGrath says. Paint it on each problem area in tiny dots, then tap around it with your finger to blend completely. Use a matte concealer under the eyes and around the nose (McGrath likes Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage). If you have dry skin, go for a creamy one (McGrath's pick is Cover Girl and Olay Simply Ageless Concealer).

Make up For Ever

5. Get a glow on.
To give skin a radiant look (no, not even models are born with it), McGrath suggests using highlighter on a whopping nine areas of the face: the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brow bones, cupid's bow, chin, and inner corners of the eyes. "Highlighter should be the same tone as your skin or a shade or two lighter," says McGrath. Powder versions are best suited to oily complexions (McGrath suggests Make Up For Ever Compact Shine-On), while creamy formulas are ideal for normal or drier skin (McGrath's choice is Kevyn Aucoin The Mousse Glace).

The Body Shop

6. Blot well.
Gently blot the face with a tissue or blotting papers, concentrating on the T-zone to absorb shine, says McGrath. She likes The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Blotting Tissues.

Cosmetic Brush
Condé Nast Digital Studio

7. Dust up.
Sweep powder over the T-zone, under the eyes, and around the mouth and chin. "Leave the cheekbones dewy. This makes the skin appear more luminous," says McGrath. Try Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder or Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder.


8. Stay dewy.
"If you find that your makeup doesn't look as fresh throughout the day, try a hydrating spray to remoisturize," McGrath suggests. For an afternoon pick-me-up, we like a spritz of Avène Thermal Spring Water facial spray.

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