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Welcome to a MODA BRAND MOMENT! Quick moments to inspire you and your company to create your own brand moments.

Amazon to acquire Whole Foods for 13.7B. The power of a great brand allows you to enter into any business market. This will change the grocery industry. Are you building the value and power of your own brand? Personally, professionally and corporately, you must have a vision, build the brand, share it with your people and execute on vision.

Watch the video here - Amazon is taking a BRAND POSITION.

We help companies build powerful brands. Let us help you.

MODA Image and Brand Consulting is the premier company in the US providing leadership training, brand consulting, personal brand coaching, employee brand training and image and fashion integration into your professional, professional and company brand. We serve Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, personal service firms, executives, universities and associations across the United States. We do this through training sessions, seminars, events and one-on-one brand coaching services.

Contact us today for more information on Personal Brand and Leadership Coaching, Fashion/Image Consulting,
Corporate Seminars, Workshops, Keynotes and Brand Guides.

Email or call 615.656.4279 for more information about individual or corporate services.

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