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MODA | Marketing Failures, HR Disasters, Sales Declining: What is the Answer?

What do you do?

  • Your company has suffered an HR disaster after employees have complained.
  • You have experienced a merger and nobody knows how to act or which culture to buy into.
  • Corporate marketing plans have anemic results.

Revenue is declining.

Again, what do you do?

MODA helps companies and individuals from all over the world and right here in Nashville with the same issues. These issues can be avoided all together. Many of our clients share they had HR consultants who they hoped would help them avoid or work through these issues but failed. Why? Rules don’t change a culture; only brand training can.

I have been called in after companies have spent large budgets on marketing and advertising, but the returns have been anemic and the investment deemed a loss. Why? Great marketing only works when the company brand is solid internally as well as externally. Marketing cannot hide or fix brand problems, but brand can fix marketing mishaps.

I have sat in on boardroom meetings where CEO’s explain declining sales and revenue while searching for answers. They have great products - some even have a list of core values, but market share is declining and sales are dipping.

Why? The public is loyal to strong brands they feel connected to – is your brand strong? People interpret words differently - have you taken the time to educate and inspire your employees about your core values? Words without explanation are just that - words. They mean nothing without guidance. Training is essential.

Customers are loyal to good customer service – do you know if customers are satisfied? Consistent messages and stories are conveyed by each employee – have you equipped your employees to share the corporate story? Have you equipped them to appropriately share their own brand stories? Do your employees know what their personal brands are? If your sales are dipping, you must ask yourself if you are meeting these standards of brand consistency.

People buy more than products or services, they buy the brand value of the company. If corporate brand is drifting – or if the personal brand of the employees is drifting or undeveloped - your sales and revenue will follow.

What is the solution? It does not matter if you’re a company of 100,000 employees or a company of 1. Brand Drives Everything - leadership, management and employees from top to bottom. Every company that works with you needs to know your brand and how to communicate it. You need more than a Brand Guide – Success is found in a Brand Guide that educates, inspires and transforms behavior and thinking. Effective brand guides share what the Brand is, why it is important and how the brand should be worn, spoken, written and shared in all verbal and non-verbal communication. Do you have a brand guide that builds value, transforms new hires and holds management accountable? Does your brand guide lead your marketing and sales teams? Your brand is your secret weapon - does every employee and vendor associated with your business know how to use your secret weapon?

I have found the answer is ‘no’ more than 90% of the time. Two issues consistently arise in our discovery phase – companies fail to develop brand guides or they fail to communicate what their brand guides mean for each employee. Branding isn’t simply a step to check off a list – brand guides should act as the filter for every single person associated with the company. Consistency in behavior and actions create trust – they also create a consistent environment allowing people to thrive.

We recently spoke with a company who had acquired two other competing companies. They didn’t have a plan for communicating with their employees who they were, how they now needed to be represented under one brand and what that meant for communication between each other. Disaster is certain without sharing your brand and training everyone on what it means.

CEO, marketing czar and downline management genius - take time to create and build an effective brand guide that increases sales, eliminates HR disasters and is the foundation for great marketing programs. If you do not know how, then call on MODA Image and Brand Consulting. We are the only company that helps businesses and individuals to reflect the brand from the head to their toes, from the boardroom to the commercials and from the CEO to their newest employee. Your long-term success depends on your understanding that BRAND DRIVES EVERYTHING.

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