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Active Intelligence and Building Your Personal Brand

Forbes magazine says that reading their publication will strengthen a personal brand. Is this true? Intelligence and our ability to stimulate communication with others is an important tool that can be used to build a winning Personal and Professional Brand.

A recent marketing letter from Forbes stated:

"Who is the most interesting person in the room? He or she isn't the wittiest, the most attractive, or the one whose reputation precedes them. The most interesting person in the room is the man or woman who easily commands a wide range of knowledge. Who confidently moves the conversation forward with a little known fact or insight. Or who illuminates a truth. Or knows what the people controlling the ropes and pulleys of today's world are doing and thinking. Take a look around you the next time you're at a meeting, a business dinner, or a cocktail party. Who is the most interesting person in the room?"

WOW! Forbes says that by reading their publication, you are going to build a strong, interesting brand that is commanding.' I happen to agree. Active intelligence is one key for building your professional and personal brand. Active intelligence is taking what we know and stimulating a conversation with others or creating improvement in our business, our world and our lives. Strong brands know what is going on around them in their own community (Nashville Business Journal, The Tennessean or your local media outlets) or around the world (Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, USA Today, or Barron's).

Are you reading? Growing in knowledge? Marketing yourself properly? Learning new ways to communicate or improve current ability to inspire others and be a part of the conversation around you? Are you aware of who you should know in the worldwide community and events that are not all about you? Are you self-absorbed and indifferent to the community in which you live?  How are you building your Personal Brand?

Forbes has such a strong brand that they claim to help you build your own. Is your Personal Brand strong enough that other people want to partner with you because it will build their own brand?  Do you attract other people who have stellar reputations and strong personal and professional brands? When your brand is attracting others then you are on the right track. When people use your name/relationship/friendship to build their own brand that is a sign that your brand is active even when you sleep. It is also a sign showing you that your brand story is a reflection of the person you want to be.

What are you doing today to build your brand? Are you reading and writing about it? Do people know you? Do people care to know you? What does your image tell people? Do you look intelligent and inviting? Does the community understand what makes you valuable? If not, it is time to start sharing your brand while also building your brand.

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