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You don’t achieve big things by accident. You want to be great? The best you were created to be? You must decide to be your best. You need to know what you don’t know. Ignorance is not bliss.

You must check-in to ensure you are doing the right things to share who you are. I work with individual clients each week who are brilliant – as well as underpaid, not being promoted, not being seen or heard, don’t know their gifts, are lacking self-confidence, have no true vision for life and lack real friendships/relationships. WHY? Some are making small mistakes repeatedly and cracking their brands every day. Others are making large mistakes often enough to cause others to doubt.

We are working with two people poised to be the next CEO’s in their corporations…both are disliked by the board. Not because of knowledge, but because they are lacking the ability to listen, have little empathy and are rude with their words, non-verbal actions and most communication. Imagine when they tell us they are likeable. Our answer – ‘No, you’re not, but we are here to help.’ Painful moments create the greatest change.

Who in your life is doing check-ins with you to ensure you are growing to be your best? There is a person in charge of a non-profit that continues to think they are liked by everyone and incredibly kind…they are not inclusive, old-school, haughty, believes they are better than everyone and by actions alone show the world they only care about those in their circle – and that is just the feedback from the staff. Imagine, you think you have one personal brand and yet, your brand is owned by everyone but you. When is the last time you checked?

We are who we choose to be. Don’t give into mediocrity. Don’t throw in the towel. You don’t get in life what you want, you get what you fight for. You must want to be your best self or you will fail. Fail to live your purpose. There are things you can do right now to improve, to know the steps you need to take to keep moving forward. No more excuses.

Are you your best self? Are you reading? Are you learning? Are you listening? Or are you clicking send/receive waiting for people to find you, your business and help you build your life. That is never going to happen.

What is your brand telling people about who you are?

A few rules I live by.
1. Develop your skillset. Emotional intelligence, self-awareness, networking skills, communication training, image, leadership coaching – you can’t share your gifts if nobody is listening because of mistakes you are or are not aware of.
2. Don’t listen to the haters. If I had listened to the doubters or the naysayers – especially when I was going through tough trials – I would not be where I am today. I know my why. My purpose. And I fought for it. Do you?

You might be thinking, I’m good…or, I make good money. Good becomes bad when it keeps you from being great. Good enough is boring. You were created with a purpose! LIVE IT and ask yourself, could you be doing better?

1. Do you know your why?
2. Do you know your purpose?
3. What is your vision?

Your dream is only a dream until you have a plan. If you want to be the best, you must be obsessed with it. All high performers are obsessed with their topic – what they do best – and they are the expert in what they do. Getting better isn’t a hack or a trick – it is a campaign. A campaign of discipline, hard work and vision – every single day. People check their Twitter account or check Facebook and it has nothing to do with getting better or even making money. So much time wasted. Work on your brand. Get a coach.

You must know your WHY. Be crazy about your life vision. Be in control of your personal brand. What are you doing to improve? Do you know what people really think?

Stuck? There is a reason. Let’s find out.

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Posted on 10/30/2017 10:21 AM by Mila Grigg | CEO
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