Monday, 22 June 2015
MODA: What do people REALLY think about you?

Do you know…What people really think about you?

This is a tough question, no? Your Personal Brand is not owned by you, it is owned by the world and what people think about you. You may be the kindest, most sincere person, but others think you are cold and uncaring because of your posture and demeanor as you walk by. Your tone of voice may tell others you are callous when you are simply trying to get a point across. Your posture may tell others you are not confident when you have a backache. Your clothing can tell people you are sloppy (at home and at work), when you simply aren't sure of the right style of clothing for your body type.

First impressions are made in a ¼ of a second according to a study. That is not enough time to even make eye contact…On that note, are you aware of the eye contact you do or don't have? You have a Personal Brand already have you shaped your brand or have you allowed others to shape it for you? Even more, have you been proactive in how others describe you? Does your brand community know what your values and talents are? Are they able to quickly articulate those to others? Many of us have hidden our talents and unique gifts simply because we are unable to sell' ourselves in a way that is tasteful.

I love what I do and am blessed to help people every day to become the best they were created to be. I have seen executives at all levels not reaching their professional or personal goals because of small mistakes that are telling people untruths about them or their character. The worst part is that they are not being promoted either by title or financially because nobody knows who they are and what gifts they have. People must know what these are or you will not reach your goals. You have a brand story. Yes, YOU, have a brand story that is unique to you. Nobody else in the world is like you. Your triumphs, failures, wrong turns, experiences, family and so on create a unique story that gives you an advantage over everyone else that has not walked in your shoes. Do people know your story?

Some of the greatest failures that I have made, and the ones that are closest to me have made, are my greatest differentiators in business and in life. What makes me more qualified than others? The journey I have been on and the trials and valleys I have walked through experience cannot be purchased or faked. What is your story and differentiating factor?

All of the questions posed today come down to your Personal Brand and controlling what others know about you, crafting your brand story and giving visual and non-verbal signals within a ¼ of a second that do not detract from who you are but create an interest in who you are. Building your brand takes time, energy and insight from others. If you haven't asked someone lately, What do others think about me?' it's time to do so.

We help people to create a Personal Brand that tells the world who they are, what gifts they have and help them to share their Brand Story in a way that enables them to be seen in the right light. We want to help you to do the same. If you are stuck at work, if you have become too comfortable, if you think by doing nothing you are ok, if you haven't been noticed, if you are being passed over for opportunities that you know you are qualified for, if people think things about you that are not correct, it is time to call. If you are not moving forward, you are moving backward there is no such thing as stagnant and safe anymore.

We can all improve and we all need to build our personal brands in order to use the gifts we have been given and not waste them by never sharing ourselves with others. Be willing to hear the hard truths even if you get an F, that is a starting place to eventually get the A.

MODA can help you to build your Personal Brand. Let us do a brand review with you and take the next step in your own success. Please review our site, We work with individuals, companies of all sizes, individuals, schools and associations globally in Brand, Image and Fashion.

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Posted on 06/22/2015 11:11 AM by Mila Grigg, CEO
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