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A Man's Perspective on the age old question: Who do you dress for?

Age old question...when you get dressed in the morning, who do you dress for?  I have read many differing opinions, but have never received a letter or an email for that matter from one of the guys voicing his opinion.  I have known this family for a while now and have approval to post the letter.

I must say I agree with him.  Personally, I dress to glorify my Lord.  Then after that I dress to inspire those around me whether that is a client, my children and most importantly, my husband.  He would love me in sweat pants and a t-shirt, but I enjoy dressing well for him and I really enjoy the compliments I receive.  I want to inspire passion while always reminding him I care about him and know he is definitely a VISUAL creature.  I once heard Pastor Adrian Rogers preach a sermon about men being visual creatures and women really needing to understand that - and then he also messed with the men and told them that women are creatures that enjoy romance...a fair and true sermon.  I think this letter below is a really wonderful expression of love and truth! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Love Letters and Fashion...


I just have to submit this letter to you and I hope that you will share it with others. I am a married man, with several children and I work hard all day, as does my wife. She is working part time, and taking care of our children while managing a home too.  She recently came home and shared an article with me where a woman said SHE DID NOT NEED TO DRESS FOR HER HUSBAND since he loved her for who she was not how she looks.  Well let me tell you, I agree completely; however, I hope that I can help some of the women you meet and serve understand why that statement can do more harm than it can good to a relationship, plus I must add: My wife does not agree to the statement in totality.

True I love my wife and the love is so much deeper than outer appearance but let me ask you and your readers: Do you like it when your husband takes the time to hand write a LOVE LETTER TO YOU?  I write love letters to my wife as often as my heart is prompted.  See, a love letter is a lot like fashion for a man and his wife. When I write a love letter to my wife I am taking the time to invest in her so that she feels better and can read how I feel about her.  It is just something about a written page that is so much more than spoken words.  I take the time to find the right card, the right paper and the right words to express how amazing she is and how proud I am of her as a woman.  Each line is an expression of my love for her. No two love letters are alike.  Each one must express something different.  I do not have to write her love letters to make her feel good, and my love letter is not a requirement of our love.  I write them because I do love her, and I know that she loves the special communication I send and understands the commitment to time I make to write.  A love letter is all about her!!  Now that being said, I just warm up when I give her the letter.  I can't help it!! Just knowing that my words will make her smile and let her know that she is special is all I need to keep me more passionate than I already was. There are some great romantic and special nights after a love letter day!

Well now to the point. Us men: well we are visual. We can't help it; it's just the way the Lord made us. So when I see my wife, I love the fact that she has taken the time to put on a great outfit, or do her hair or fix her eyes.  There is no scent better in the world than the one that reminds you of your wife! When she takes the time to get dressed and I know that she is thinking of me when she does it, well that just makes me feel special and warm. You see, when my wife dresses, she doesn't have to do it to show me she loves me, nor does she have to do it to please me: But like a great love letter: When she dresses and I know she is thinking of me, it sure makes me feel better. Her clothing is the same as my envelope. Each piece of her fashion is like the individual lines I write in a love letter. Each morning I know she is preparing a love letter for me. My children see her preparation and care as she looks her best for them as much as she does for herself. Also one more thing I can add: When I get home or sometimes when I just wake up: I can tell you that Like a Good Love Letter: Great looking fashion and her display of something that is just for me, sure does lead to some romantic nights. So be certain and let your women know that the other article and comments are right: NO WOMAN HAS TO DRESS FOR A MAN OR HIS APPROVAL, but if they like love letters and are trying to find a way to express their love, there is something about a great outfit that says I LOVE YOU. Thanks for letting me share.

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