Date: 22/10/2019
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I hope this finds you doing wonderfully. I am really excited about this conference I was honored to be a part of - I had the opportunity to speak to an incredible group of athletic directors and athletic staff for some of the most competitive college football teams in the country.

Building personal brand for yourself is critically important to maintaining and adding value to the brand of your school, company, organization and department within any entity. I continue to meet brilliant yet unemployed people - why? I continue to meet people in what could be an top company or organization yet they are flailing in the market and are not growing - why? All brand related issues.

Do you know what your Personal brand is? Company brand?

Without brand, nothing matters. You can't succeed. Here is the first snippet in a two part video. Please send me your thoughts - I would love to hear from you!


VLOG 2 from MODA Image and Brand Consulting on Vimeo.


MODA Image and Brand Consulting is the only company in the United States that is able to integrate corporate brand, personal brand, leadership, marketing, sales, image, internal and external communication, non-verbal communication, emotional intelligence, brand storytelling, the ‘why’ exercises, professional etiquette, executive presence and fashion into training seminars and 1:1 coaching that benefit both the company and its employees.

Email or call 615.656.4279 for more information about individual or corporate services.

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