Date: 15/09/2019
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For the company who is busy.
For the company who has plenty of clients.
For the company who believes they are successful.

We have two questions for you…


We get it. Your client book is full. You are growing – or at least you think you are. You are ‘busy.’ Congratulations! Can you do better? Could you be growing faster? Is your brand being strengthened by each interaction? Do you have a clear view of what your clients and the community say about you? Is your work excellent? When the economy takes a turn, are you prepared? Can your brand hold you up?

Many firms, small businesses and large corporations will wait to ensure brand strength because they believe they are growing. Your competition is looking to level you and they are building brand strength – WHILE growing. Are you doing the same? Is your work consistently excellent? Do your employees share the right stories with clients so you consistently gain referrals? Are you building the personal brand of your teams and individuals so that they sell themselves and your company for you? If not, the business will take a nose dive – maybe not today or tomorrow – but eventually. Brand awareness is not only important; it is crucial to longevity and must be worked on during the highest of highs so you can avoid the lowest of lows.

Can your employees articulate your brand in a way that shares the value of the product you sell or service you provide?

Do they all breathe the brand into all that they do? Each day through every interaction?

Do you have a brand guide that they can turn to for guidance and inspiration?

A successful accounting firm recently contacted us for brand training. During our first meeting, we were impressed that they realized their success was really being built from long-term clients they have had for years. As their workforce becomes younger and younger, they also realized these ‘relationships’ would be newer and not as loyal as the ones they have had for years with their founders. To thrive going forward, they knew that they had to focus on the personal brand of their employees and what is was communicating to old, new and prospective clients.

We will train all their employees on how to build strong personal brands, communicate the firm brand through telling the right stories to their clients, relationship building, networking, communication, professional etiquette, image, fashion and more. They are fortifying their brand and ensuring every connection and client knows that they are there to serve in an excellent way. Moral of the story: Don’t be complacent.

Ask yourselves:
What is the personal brand message of each employee?
What is your company brand message? Can you tell the company brand story in multiple ways?
Are you ready for an economic downturn? Only brand gets you through the tough times and holds you up through storms.

We can help. Brand audits, brand guides, brand training and personal brand coaching are all necessary components for success.

Contact us today for more information on Personal Brand Coaching, Fashion/Image Consulting,
Corporate Seminars, Workshops, Keynotes and Brand Guides.

Email or call 615.656.4279 for more information on individual or corporate services.

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