Date: 15/09/2019
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MODA | What did the election teach you|About Brand?

Regardless of your position going into the election, there are a few brand lessons we can learn from this.

Success comes from knowing your brand early on and sticking to it.

The steps:
1. You need to know what your brand is. You have one already are you in charge of it?

2. Build a brand that communicates your values repeatedly. Think campaign slogans.

2. You must know how to communicate you brand. What are your stories? How do you share who you are? How do you recover from mistakes?

3. You must have a brand community. Support and people do you know who they are?

4. Be willing to see the truth about your brand.

5. Do not spend your time only talking amongst your team internally because you develop an internal bias. Get outside of yourselves and seek honest, experienced advice - not just people who tell you what you want to hear.

If you follow these steps, you will reach your goals and be successful. The key is being touch with the people around you. Whether you agree or disagree with elections, the results are undeniable and show that there is a community which you must to be able to hear and respond to. Who is your brand community?

Brand is not what you say it is, it isn't even what the pundits or your PR team say it is It is what THEY say it is. They are the public, your colleagues, clients and community. If you are not in touch with your public, then you don't know what your brand is.


  1. Know your brand message and stick with it. We can get better as human beings and companies, but your brand message is truly who you are'
  2. Get outside advice to confirm internal actions and decisions
  3. Don't ever take your brand or your customers for granted. George Washington said, "With public opinion on our side, we can do anything, without it nothing." What does your public say? Clients? Community? You must know and give them reasons to buy into your brand
  4. Powerful brands can fail when they stop communicating what is important about their brand
  5. Brand leadership starts with the CEO or the owner of the business. They must diligently work to keep that brand steady and visible
  6. Constantly train and retrain your people concerning your brand message and how it is communicated internally and externally

MODA Image and Brand Consulting helps companies to communicate their brand through each employee, and enables them to lift their brand in the communities they serve and in markets they hope to enter. 

Contact us and for your brand assessment and let MODA help you go from good to great.

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