Date: 15/09/2019
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We often find ourselves in the middle of this situation when working with businesses and corporations across America.

We hear, "We have a great brand guide or written brand values, but our employees are not utilizing it and they do not reflect the brand of our business. Can you help us?"

There are times when the person asking the question does not reflect the brand they want their employees to share. If you sell make-up and don't wear any yourself, or have disheveled hair and a frumpy outfit how are you going to inspire me to be my best? If you are the CEO of a financial firm and are known to have inappropriate conversations and party too hard why would you expect others who work with you to act with integrity? If your mantra is clients first' yet you treat your staff disrespectfully, why would you expect them to treat one another or your clients differently? You want your staff to dress in a way that shows your clients you are detail oriented yet you walk on your pants and your shirt is constantly wrinkled you can't have both.

These are all true stories and we have hundreds more. If you have a training team, train your training team. Leaders lead. They reflect, they look at their own brands and constantly improve. You must first know your brand, live it consistently and then expect the same from everyone else. Either you believe the brand and live it, or you don't.

Having a guide, and knowing what you want your brand to be, is not enough. You need to implement the brand throughout your entire organization. 

Many of the companies that call on us ask where they should begin. I tell every company that brand starts at the top. Your top management team must not only know the company brand and articulate it - they need to implement it into everything they do. Brand Drives Everything is the mantra we repeat over and over. All managers and leaders need to look first at themselves and then at the teams they manage. Do you dress the part? Does your image reflect the brand of your company? Do you make a point to share the company brand in all your communications including email, social media and phone conversations? How do you treat your staff? 

The best way to implement your company brand is to personally and professionally model the brand you want your staff and peers to share. Walk around your place of business, ask others what they think about your professional and personal brand. Look at your team and the ask yourself, do they model me now? Should they model my behavior and leadership? If you want to ensure that the right company brand is shared by each employee, you must first model it yourself.

You cannot impart what you do not possess yourself.         

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