Date: 21/09/2018
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MODA | Fall Fashion and Your Personal Brand


You can't ignore it. It matters. It changes lives. It makes you money. It helps you to reach your goals. It helps you to be noticed. It helps you sell. It helps to create your legacy. It sets you up for success daily.

You need to care. We no longer live in a world where image can be overlooked. Social media, headshots, LinkedIn and so on…You are not invisible.

It has been well over a decade since our leap into the world of fashion, image and brand. It has been exciting and we are not slowing down! Even though we are honored to work with incredible corporations and train thousands of people, our team still enjoys being able to serve the individual with fashion and image. Fashion plays such an integral role in elevating your personal brand, expressing your value and being seen for who you are rather than your image lying about you.

(Picture on left available now at

Personal Brand changes begin with fashion. Image, and being the best you that you were created to be, is key when showing the world, your boss, your partner, your community and your kids who you are. You may not say a word, but your image is speaking for you and at a faster rate than you could even imagine.

Imagine, in ¼ of a second, people trust you or they don't. Harvard Med tells us that. No promotion lately? Rocky time trying sharing your brand at work? Not being noticed for your talents? People don't appreciate your value?

Start.With.Fashion. It is a game changer.

This week we talk with the ladies about fall fashion and trends. Next week, the men.

Fall fashion is here and it's a great season overall. The 90's have resurfaced the mistakes you can make are abundant with this trend (Think combat boots and slip dresses with t-shirts…ick), and you must be able to navigate the racks to ensure personal brand consistency. Trends can lead you down the wrong road, but you can wear them if you add each piece to your wardrobe just the right way. Just because it looks good on, does not mean that it represents who you are. There is a big difference between looking good and being perceived as a consistent brand. Mistakes can be made we will navigate those waters for you while saving you time and money.

Please call our office today for more information! We are scheduling fall shopping appointments now and we would love to serve you.

Warmest Regards,


Trends we love…

Camel (Shades of tan)
Arguably the chicest, most classic color there is in fashion. Always in style and worth every penny when it comes into season in abundance. From outwear to trousers, a trend worth trying. The right camel coat can be worn with your little black dress or a pair of trendy jeans.



Why not be interesting with your outer wear pieces? Have you worn the same black coat for the past ten years? You know, the one that is pilled and can't be salvaged even if you went through an entire lint roller? Time for something new.

Have you ever thought can I be warm without having to wear a sweater that adds 10lbs? You're not alone outerwear and vests is the answer. Let us show you how.


The Blouse
Showing off the shoulder and/or having an interesting sleeve is the way to go. Ruffles anyone? Asymmetrical cuts? All in. But, you don't want to looks as if you couldn't afford the other half of your shirt. You can look feminine at work if you want to IF it complements your brand. Have fun this season with blouses whether you are pumpkin picking with the kids or getting ready for your board meeting.

Fall Floral

From shoes to outerwear, fall florals are back. These can make a serious statement about your fashion know-how. Don't be afraid if the jacket is too much, try a shoe. Whatever you do, don't be boring.


A touch of leopard is never wrong. Shoe, scarf, jacket, coat or blouse. Try it!


Rich Berry Shades
Dresses, sweaters, capes, booties or any type of shoe - try it in this color!

Your Personal Brand and Company Brand must be built and then be fortified. Let MODA help you to build your Personal, Corporate and Employee Brand. This is what we do. This is our passion.

We would love the opportunity to serve you and your company.

Contact us today for more information on Personal Brand Coaching, Fashion/Image Consulting, Corporate Seminars, Workshops and Keynotes.

Email info@modaimageconsulting or call 615.656.4279 for more information on individual or corporate services.

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Office: (615) 656.4279
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