Date: 07/12/2019
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Is your Image like Play-Doh?

Just the other day I was watching my three year old play with play-doh.  You may recall the moldable goo that we all had fun with. You could create something, then ball it all up and start all over again.  As I watched the fun, it occurred to me that fashion and style has become more like play-doh than it has about art and statement.  As a true image consultant, I am focused on images that last.  Fashion and style that has a sense of permanence.

Each client is a work of art; a fine painting that does not lose its value because the moods of the world have changed.  Some in the industry of fashion and style tend to think their clients are more like play-doh. Something to be created and recreated over and over again, always bending to the world around them versus helping them to simply represent who they are. Remember men and women, Character Should Be a Constant Class is not defined by father time, but rather by strength of one's self and their beliefs.  Your image should always reflect your character and who you are, while never offending the viewer but rather inviting them into conversation and relationship.  Image is not the latest trend, the latest sale, or the latest magazine. Image is not play-doh, but rather a Salvador Dali or Pablo Picasso…A sculpture that can stand out in the rain, the sun, the night and the dark. Your life changes, and what you wear changes, but your IMAGE is constant.

Do not be confused by the mannequins at the store; they are cold and impersonal.  Don't try to dress just like the model in the magazine; that person is not you.  Personal shoppers and some stylists are great for helping you find your clothes in the store or trying to make you trendy for the moment, but I suggest you define who you are, determine what you like, and then create a work of art.  Your goal is an image that lasts!  It's time to put up the play-doh.

If I can help you determine, define or improve your "Personal or Professional Brand," please give me a call.  I love to help people get more out of life and to create something of value.

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