Leadership. The ability to provide influence.

The greater one’s influence, the greater their leadership skills. Title alone does not make you a leader, payscale does not make you a leader, even owning a company does not make you a leader.

So, what does make a person a leader? 

What qualities make for a good leader?

How many people must a leader lead before they can be called a leader?

Can a company be a leader?

Can your personal and professional brand lead others?

Can leaders be built, improved or changed?

Is there anything such as a negative or bad leader?

Is there a difference between a leader and a manager?

These are questions that we often answer with individuals, boards of directors, entrepreneurs, business owners, C-suite groups, universities and even millennial emerging leaders. Companies are concerned with these topics as they relate to their current or prospective leaders and leadership teams. We like to think that leaders should be tested, they should have experience and they should have a core set of values that they reflect in their personal and professional lives every single day. We coach and train based upon the idea that brand and leadership are not separate entities…no other company does this.

We thrive off of helping others become better leaders, and we guide them in developing their leadership skills by sharing what we have learned personally and professionally. MODA did not just happen, it was built over time, and the leadership skills of our CEO were challenged every single day. We do not talk about the hypothetical; we share from authentic life experiences that the entire MODA team have faced.

Leadership starts with you. The first person a great leader must lead is themselves. We can all improve, and we should want to improve. We would be honored to encourage and lead you, or your team, to become the best leaders you were created to be.