We have all attended seminars and large educational events, but typically we can only list one or two times that an event speaker has changed the audience...or better yet, has changed you. Mila Grigg and MODA Image and Brand Consulting bring authenticity, passion, compassion, energy and information to your event that creates a lasting impression and positive change for all attendees.

1). If your business, association or staff is looking to provide new information, motivation and greater opportunities in the professional or personal lives of their members, then you need to have MODA headline your event as the speaker, educator and motivator.

2). Whether your desire is personal or professional brand training, individual or corporate sales, fashion and image direction, marketing or Brand Value, MODA Image and Brand Consulting can provide you the keynote address that will entertain, educate and empower you and your attendees. MODA will provide the corporate training that can immediately better your business or the seminar that brings added value to you and the associations that you belong to.  

Below are a sampling of the topics that are focused on individuals and are ideal for executive team training, sales and market associates training, association meetings and C-Suite conferences. Each topic can be arranged to serve your meeting specifications and unique needs while Mila shares stories and experiences that will provide you and your guests with a vivid picture of what is needed to capture, create and maintain positive change. 

This series of topics has been utilized by companies with large sales forces, legal firms of all sizes, accounting firms, those in the healthcare industry, retail stores and most professional service organizations. Any company or organization that has people in the field and marketplace can benefit from this series. Presentation and preparation are everything for the watching world, and Brand does indeed drive everything.

Keynote Topics

  • Executive Image and Leadership by Example
  • Everyone is Selling Something
  • Integrity. Without it, you and your business will fail
  • Selling Without Say a Word
  • Building a Legacy
  • 5 Words to Personal and Professional Success
  • The Key to Networking
  • Using brand to create a legacy
  • Overcoming fear
  • How to show the world your immense value and unique gifts

These topics are but a few of the potential training seminars we provide. Please review our Brand Training page for more or contact us to create a special and unique presentation.We give companies, firms and organizations the tools and training needed to improve their profits better communicate their Brand to the public and create winners.

We are not talking about slogans and logos, golden arches or catchy designs, but programs and techniques that can be the difference between success and failure. So if you, your company, or your association is looking to create a visual marketing brand that matches the goals of your business; you need MODA Image and Brand Consulting and Mila Grigg. Companies spend millions of dollars creating what they believe is a winning brand, but it can all be destroyed in a few minutes based on the overall image that the company projects in person with its employees or on-line. This series has benefited national banks, national retailers, national professional firms, colleges, universities and companies.

Additional Speeches and Topics

  • Personal and Professional Brand
  • Brand Drift
  • Opening the Closed Mind: Increase Sales
  • Brand Drives Everything
  • Image, Brand and Fashion are vital to success
  • Fashion Drives the Visual Brand
  • School taught me how to be a ___________. (Doctor, Businessman, Attorney, Accountant, Marketer “  fill in the blank) - Now I need to build a Practice, Business or Career
  • 5 Words to a Stronger Company Brand - 5 words that describe your Brand and discerning what they need to look like and how to communicate consistently
  • Each employee is a billboard, what are they telling the world and each other about the company and themselves?
  • Your greatest asset leaves everyday
  • How to create a Professional and Personal Brand that actually works FOR you
  • Building a Team in a Business of Individuals - Creating a team environment and cohesive image with unique individuals
  • Finding your winners in a crowd of potentials

MODA Image and Brand Consulting takes pride in creating measurable results, not just feel good talks but training and seminars that have a purpose and create immediate change. Contact MODA Image and Brand Consulting and take advantage of the best Image, Fashion and Brand firm in the country today.