Brand Training

Brand Training

Brand awareness and training is the essential program in the long-term success of any business. MODA Image and Brand Consulting is the only company in the United States that can integrate corporate brand, personal brand, marketing, sales, image, internal and external communication and image into training seminars that benefit both the company and its employees. We bring your brand to life, we give your brand a soul and share your brand value.

Companies can spend millions of dollars developing a winning brand or creating a brand strategy, then throw it all away and eliminate all gains with improper training and a failure to educate your staff on that very same brand.

Proper training begins at the executive level and extends to any employee who represents your business or organization. MODA Image and Brand Consulting is the originator and conveyer of the training seminar program, 'Personal and Professional Brand' and 'Brand Drives Everything.' Our brand training helps each client understand that a consistent visual, non-verbal, written or audible statement of all employees and staff is vital to lasting success. A company's greatest asset is not its people, but rather its brand communicated and lived out by its people.

MODA Image and Brand Consulting will breathe life into your company's brand training programs. We ensure that each attendee understands your corporate brand while giving them the tools and insights they need in order to present a cohesive brand experience for one another and the watching world. The result is real brand alignment, a consistent message to colleagues, investors and the board, increased community loyalty, exponential growth and better retention of key personnel.

Failure to properly identify and communicate your individual and corporate brand will lead to corporate misdirection, customer confusion, product and service dilution and eventually, a closed business. The team at MODA Image and Brand Consulting is prepared to identify, communicate and train companies, firms and organizations concerning their Corporate Brand and how to convey the brand essence in all that they do.

Companies want each employee to be the best version of themselves. We incorporate personal brand training to ensure each employee knows how valuable they are, shares their value and ensures personal and professional success.

Individual and Corporate Services: Brand Success


  • How to create a Brand Filter which every decision must go through in order to create an executive/professional and leading presence that is consistent
  • How to take control of your Personal Brand and share it


  • What is your Personal and Professional Brand and do you represent it well?
  • Begin using branding key words to direct image choices to create a consistent and powerful image
  • Casual business dress with brand direction
  • Individual wardrobe consulting and planning for men and women
  • Identifying and sharing your unique gifts, talents and contributions
  • Brand communication through image, fashion and presence (Dress for success seminars do nothing but leave seminar or training attendees frustrated. We not only show you how to dress for success, but go further and tell you how to share your Personal Brand through your image while also complementing the corporate brand).


  • Use your Personal Brand in the work place in order to become your greatest marketing tool, establish credibility and increase opportunity
  • Create an impactful first impression
  • Do you ever feel invisible or have you missed opportunities because of a Personal Brand miscommunication?
  • Does your Brand Community know what your greatest strengths are?
  • Do you wonder why you have been passed over for a promotion?
  • Executive presence at every level from CEO to all support staff


  • Keys to successful networking with brand direction
  • How to use a workspace to inspire others, represent the brand and instill confidence in donors, investors, colleagues, management and all who see the physical office.
  • How to properly handle an office mistake
  • Learn how positivity drives productivity and helps to create a productive, creative and energized work environment
  • Learn how to conduct proper meetings in and out of office
  • Proper cell phone usage
  • Respecting privacy and personal space within an office environment
  • The importance of vocal tones
  • Interview preparation (Including corporate brand identification of potential companies ensuring success)
  • Business travel 

Corporate Group Services include, but are not limited to:

  • On-site seminars and training: Personal brand building, leadership, image, fashion and branding
    (Seminars are tailored to help specific needs within a company, small business, association, organization or non-profit). 
  • Brand communication through behavior, presentation, speech, image, fashion, presence, email, vocal tone and non-verbal communication
  • How one's Personal Brand affects and complements the Corporate Brand
  • What does Brand 'look like' in terms of fashion and wardrobe
  • Corporate review of current employee impressions
  • Networking for success
  • Executive Presence
  • Cocktail and dining etiquette including proper introductions, thank you notes, how to greet people, when to stand, name tag etiquette, making others feel comfortable yet staying professional and representing the corporate brand
  • How to be prepared and create a plan before attending an event
  • Monthly follow-up tips on the trends in the market so employees can stay up-to-date without wasting their own time researching  
  • Follow-up seminars on an annual, biannual or quarterly basis as needed
  • Preparation of new hire material highlighting the need for fashionable first impressions that clearly and succinctly represent the corporate brand

A few of our world class seminar and training programs:

Personal and Professional Brand

This is the flagship seminar program created by MODA Image and Brand Consulting. This seminar can serve and benefit every company, organization, professional firm, association, school, university or college. Our focus within this program is on the greatest asset of any organization - its people. We help employees and individuals understand what Brand means and how each person has a Personal and Professional Brand that affects them individually as well as the company where they work or the organization they belong to. This is true for the CEO, part-time employees, educators and association members. This 1.5 - 6 hour seminar is complete with worksheets, visual presentations and examples, followed by an extensive question and answer session. We focus on how one's Personal and Professional Brand is created by their visual image, verbal skills, body language, social media network and the Internet, along with how they communicate with everyone around them. When an individual understands and grasps how to successfully communicate their Personal and Professional Brand, they will bring added value to every aspect of their personal and professional lives.

Brand Drives Everything

This training program is for all management within a company, organization or educational institution. We help individuals see and understand how Brand is the driving force behind every action within the organization they manage. Brand is the heart of the business; it is the DNA that defines one business from all others. Brand determines and directs all mergers and acquisitions and leads all marketing. Marketing does not determine Brand. Brand is what keeps a company on track and helps to determine direction. Brand is seen and heard on all levels and directs every single detail and decision within a company, organization and institution. We incorporate examples of successful Brand directed companies such as Southwest Airlines, as well as companies that have neglected their Brand, demonstrating how destructive and costly this mistake has been to the company itself as well as its shareholders. For example, we may discuss Bank of America and their acquisition of Countrywide Financial Corp., retailers J.C. Penney and Sears, or technological companies HP and Dell. These are all examples of companies that did not allow their Brand to drive their corporate choices.

We work with charitable organizations and foundations, helping them to define and communicate their Brand. We support management and help them to stay focused on what is important for their organization and end the duplication of operations and goals. The objective of the seminar is to safeguard our clients from making similar mistakes. Our goal is to provide them with outside independent reviews of their Corporate, Institutional or Organizational Brand, while at the same time encouraging management to revive the Brand of the place where they work and serve. This program is extremely interactive and includes a high-level discussion with attendees. We provide visual aids and home study material. We believe this to be the most important seminar we provide for any company, organization, association or school.

Brand Drift

This seminar is our follow-up program for all companies we are serving that may have already completed the seminar program Brand Drives Everything. We help companies to refocus on the strengths and communication of the very Brand that made them great to begin with. Our seminars are the booster shots that enable companies, organizations and institutions to stay on track. Our goal is to keep Brand Identity the focus of every single employee and ever-present before their clients, prospects, investors and donors. We focus on image, communication, visual decor, marketing and management. We provide a visual program that encourages every attendee to participate and refocus their Personal Brand and Professional Brand, as well as the brand of the company, institution, association or organization they serve. We cite examples of companies that suffered from brand drift as well as key executives whose brand drift damaged the value of the company they served. We find the best teacher is the teacher of example, and we fill the seminar with conversations and stories. These include stories of how a simple greeting on the phone can cost a company a valuable contract, or how a poorly written communication can lead to a breakdown in compliance that cost some businesses billions.

Opening the Closed Mind: Increase Sales

This is our newest and most exciting seminar program. This training will help all customer relations employees, marketing teams, management as well as the entire sales force. This also includes recruiters, educators, and development officers for charitable organizations.

During the seminar we share how brand actually opens doors of opportunity, while we illuminate attendees on how to use the brand strength of a company to eliminate all competition while establishing a relational foundation that leads to greater sales and more referrals. Our focus is to guarantee that the sales force and marketers understand how brand is the essential ingredient in the sales process. Attendees will learn how brand is a team concept as well as the idea that no one really sells anything in a world of one. Each attendee will recognize that every aspect of a company and each employee is integral to creating and closing the sale. For instance, compliance is a must when it comes to integrity. We will warn against the guaranteed disaster and short-lived business or sales career that follows when any product or service is sold absent of integrity. We cover the three essential elements of every sale, and how insights into the sales process and closing tough accounts can be simplified into one or two opening and closing appointments. If you or your company is active in the sale of products, services or information, this is a must attend seminar. We will provide this sales and training seminar to open forums for anyone in sales as well as specific companies, organizations, firms and institutions. The training will educate attendees on how to create relationships that pave the way for new business that is not based solely on price, but more on relationship. Attendees can submit tough sales situations in advance. The seminar can take anywhere from three hours to two days, depending on the needs of the audience and the level of training required. The mock situations and question and answer periods are the most exciting portion of the presentation. We are confident that you and/or your business will benefit from this five-star presentation and training program. The measurable results will immediately be visible in relation to everyone's performance, company revenues or organizational funding.

No two companies, organizations or firms are alike. Each training or seminar session is created for the specific needs and goals of our clients.