MODA Image and Brand Consulting, LLC was born out of Mila's passion to help others succeed by sharing what she has learned in the world of business, brand, sales and marketing. She too often saw people and organizations fail regardless of their potential because they were not focusing on what matters most; Brand Drives Everything. She is the leading individual and corporate brand, leadership, marketing and image coach. Her training series, Personal and Professional Brand, has served individuals and businesses of all types globally. No other company in America does what MODA Image and Brand Consulting does, and her company stands alone when it comes to Brand development, communication and implementation. She is the consultant to the consultants and believes that we build our value by helping others build theirs.

MODA Image and Brand Consulting helps individuals to communicate their Personal and Professional Brand, companies to discern and share the Corporate Brand with the world around them and management teams to develop strategies that give monetary value to their brand strengths. MODA helps individuals and companies to share WHO THEY ARE and what they do in a way that allows the public to see their unique individual and corporate value. MODA ensures that companies sell their products and increase their bottom line. We are the only company in the United States that is able to integrate corporate brand, social media strategy, personal brand, leadership, marketing, sales, image, internal and external communication, non-verbal communication, emotional intelligence, brand storytelling, the ‘why’ exercises, professional etiquette, executive presence and fashion into training seminars, 1:1 coaching and consulting agreements that benefit both the company and its employees.

Her career began in the insurance industry with a quick transition to the music industry; and then to a firm where she worked with athletes, entertainers, professionals and businesses in the area of brand and marketing. She has even spent a tremendous amount of time working in the ultimate branding sport of NASCAR and has worked with some of the top stars bringing together their corporate sponsorships. She was working with BRAND before it became the word of the century.

MODA Image and Brand Consulting is serving companies in the ranks of the Fortune 100 to 500 listings, private practices and private companies with her program Brand Drives Everything. Her company has advised professional firms, executive suites and even placed senior executives in their corporate dream jobs. As a business owner and someone who has worked in and up the leadership, image and brand business, Mila brings something of added value to every client she has, sharing her strong faith, hard work ethic, values, integrity, extensive relationships and business savvy with everyone she serves.

She is often a guest contributor to numerous publications, speaking to groups and associations across the U.S., while being an expert consultant on television and hosting seminars and training thousands. She has been honored as a Forty under 40 recipient and a Woman of Influence by the Nashville Business Journal.

MODA is focused under Mila's leadership to become the premier leadership, corporate and personal brand and image company in the U.S. MODA is THE leader in corporate consulting, leadership and sales training and to help women, men, organizations and companies to achieve greatness. Success for her is the realization that she is improving the lives of her individual clients and the measurable success of her corporate clients. MODA always leaves every client with an improved position in business and life from when she first walks in the door.

Please contact us for any individual questions, or to set up a time to speak with Mila in an initial complimentary consultation.

"It does not matter what we wear or the image we portray if our soul is separated from the eternal God who created us. All great brand and leadership coaching truly begins on the inside, and it is that inner strength and magnificence that is reflected in the coaching style we choose and the image we construct...This is what makes MODA different - we care more about 'you,' and how we can enhance your life!" Mila Grigg